New Photo Series Captures McCarren Park Pool From Before Its Renovation

Courtesy Gina Pollack

The McCarren Park Pool may be reopening this month with a fancy spray shower beach and tropical cerulean blue paint, but it’s evolution since closing to swimmers in 1984 has been anything but picturesque. But Brooklyn-based photographer Gina Pollack found beauty in the breakdown and in an exhibit opening this Friday, June 8th, Pollack displays images of the pool as it may soon be forgotten.

“The images capture the decaying pool after 28 years of abandonment,” Pollack told FREEWilliamsburg. “I chose to show the photos the same month that the pool is re-opening to draw attention to the structure’s interaction with the changing neighborhood.” The photos are from fall 2009 when Pollack climbed over a construction fence, eager to capture the pool at that moment in time.

The exhibit opens on Friday at The One Well (165 Greenpoint Ave.) and will run for one month. Admission is free. Friday’s opening reception is from 7-10 p.m.

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PHOTOS: Juggalos at Mishka Store

Along with The Shaltzes siblings, the Mishka flagship store set up a Juggalo trap by offering free Faygo and vodka and hanging pictures on the walls.

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Nicky Digital Photo Exhibit Tonight

In case you haven’t noticed, we love us some Nicky Digital here at FREEwilly. The venerable nightlife photog, who can be found at every possible venue/party/etc. at any given moment (sometimes 4 a night), is being celebrated at a photo exhibit showcasing his work tonight at the W Hotel in Times Square.

So RSVP and head uptown to drink some cocktails and see if you can spot yourself donning the walls of the hotel’s Living Room.

And while you’re at it, and since we know your Facebook photo probably has a Nicky Digital logo on it as we speak, you can vote for Mr. Digital as Best Nightlife Website over at Paper Mag.

Afterparty goes all night at the Blind Barber in the East Village!

All That's Missing Is the Tumbleweeds

From Nathan Kensinger Photography:

The landscape of Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been radically transformed in the last decade. Located at the epicenter of New York City’s recent development boom, the neighborhood saw countless industrial buildings and row houses torn down by developers. In their place, dozens of luxury condominium towers were constructed, permanently altering the skyline. By July 2009, however, “The Billyburg Bust” was reported by New York Magazine, which wrote that the area was “littered with half-built shells of a vanished boom.” Like any gold rush, the aftermath of the frenzied push to develop Williamsburg has left permanent scars on the land.

Williamsburg has the highest concentration of stalled development sites in New York City, according to a 2010 report in The Real Deal.

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