Good In The Hood: Bia

bia-5Good in the Hood: In this feature we take a further look at the restaurants around the neighborhood.

67 South 6th Street
New York, NY 11211
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The Scene: Feels like a Vietnamese countryside shack, only transported to industrial Williamsburg. Bia gives off a fun feeling that would never scream fancy date, but is the perfect place to meet good friends, have a great time and eat well for a low price. The food comes from the family recipes of those responsible for the Village’s Duke’s Bar. These recipes amount to a bunch of some small plates and a few entrees that are filling for a low price. The soundtrack is heavy on Steely Dan and Robert Palmer instead of the Brooklyn bands who imitate them, but I’m sure this works for anyone who has heard that Disclosure record twelve-too-many-times around town.

Who It’s For: If you like to walk over the bridge and need a place to meet for a good drink and a snack, Bia is just blocks from the foot of the bridge. With the majority of the menu being under $10 and a few dishes for $2 and $3, allowing you to meet up for a drink and a meal with both broke friends and that ever-present friend who “just isn’t that hungry (Remember: now is not the time for an intervention, this is a fun spot),” even when you are ready for dinner. Conveniently, the pho and other bowls come in large and small sizes. They have sake, wine, tons of microbrew beer, and cocktails. Most dishes are for carnivores,  but many dishes can be ordered vegetarian. This makes it an ideal place to meet up with a diverse set of friends with finicky needs and disparate spending habits.

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