Restaurant round-up: Bar Velo and Taqueria Santa Fe open, Paulie Gee’s gets petitioned and more


Bar Velo

In Williamsburg, a new vegetarian restaurant and bar has opened in the former home of Moto called Bar Velo:

Longtime Williamsburg haunt Cafe Moto has been reborn as a cycling enthusiast’s temple to two-wheeled transportation called Bar Velo, opening Monday on Broadway. John McCormick shut down his 14-year restaurant a few months back to retool the design a bit and update the menu to be completely vegetarian. And in the spring, they’ll launch Velo-To-Go, offering grocery-type things like bread, fruit and flowers plus…cycling gear. [Read more…]

Paulie Gee’s Slice Joint coming soon to Greenpoint


Everyone’s favorite Greenpoint pizza man, Paulie Gee, is opening a slice joint at the north end of Franklin Street! From Eater:

Paulie Giannone — the man behind popular Greenpoint pizzeria Paulie Gee’s — is opening another pizza place in the neighborhood, this time with classic New York slices. Paulie Gee’s Slice Joint, to be located at 110 Franklin St. at the corner of Noble, will be an old school New York pizzeria and sports bar, Giannone tells Eater. His flagship pizzeria stopped doing takeout a couple years ago because the pies didn’t hold up well in a box, so this new restaurant is an opportunity to serve people who want to take something home, he says. “There’s a big demand in the neighborhood,” Giannone says. [Read more…]

Zagat says Paulie has New York’s best pies


Paulie Gee, credit NY Times

I love Paulie’s so I was happy to see this — even though Totonno’s and Roberta’s have a slight edge in my opinion. Hopefully, the foot traffic the rating is sure to inspire won’t be as annoying as what we see outside of that overrated tourist trap Grimaldi’s. From Gothamist:

The 30,592 diners who participated in this year’s Google-owned Zagat Survey have spoken and declared that Greenpoint pie purveyor Paulie Gee’s fires up the city’s top pizza. In the 2015 guide, which was released today, the eaters lauded the “destination-worthy”—that’s called “borough-shaming,” Zagat!—pizzeria’s “one-of-a-kind” toppings and Paulie’s hands-on service as their favorite pick of the city’s dense pizza population. Following closely behind Paulie’s funky pies were the offerings at Lucali in Carroll Gardens, Juliana’s in Dumbo, Totonno’s of Coney Island and then Bushwick’s Roberta’s.

If the Brooklyn theme was apparent in the pizza category, it’s with good reason. The borough saw a 28% increase in the number of eateries reviewed, with 340 establishments making this year’s list. Of those, Williamsburg’s St. Anselm was ranked best of the borough, calling the steakhouse “cool” but “unpretentious” and saying that it has some of “the city’s best” beef. Other top borough picks included SriPraPhai, a Thai eatery in Queens; Roberto’s Italian in the Bronx; and Denino’s Pizzeria, taking home top honors for Staten Island.

More information about Paulie Gees here. Oh and nice URL, Gothamist: burnt_ashy_pizza_ftw.

Paulie Gee’s now open on Mondays, expanding to other cities


credit: The Food Doc

Good news! Paulie Gee’s is now open for dinner seven days a week. Paulie (AKA Paul Giannone), a prolific user of social media, has been blitzing Twitter and Instagram with news of the change.

If you’ve been to Paulie Gee’s, you’ve probably met and chatted with Paulie. That’s because he’s always there when the restaurant is open. It’s part of his hands-on approach to making pizza. He likes to know his customers. That’s also why the famous pizzeria has always been closed on Mondays; it’s Paulie’s day of rest.

But, with Paulie looking to expand to other cities, he’s decided to give some of his proteges a chance to practice “being the Paulie,” as Adam Kuban puts it. Kuban, who started the pizza blog Slice, will be managing the front-of-house operations tonight. Paulie plans to hand Kuban the reins of a new Paulie Gee’s location in Portland, Oregon, when it opens.

Going forward, Paulie’s assistant pizzaiolos, including Kuban, will be managing the restaurant every Monday. Paulie told us he has three people working for him now who want to open up Paulie Gee’s franchises in different cities. Ultimately, Paulie plans to open locations in Chicago, Oakland, Portland, LA, Las Vegas, Columbus, Ohio, and on Long Island.

Paulie Gee’s Secret Pizzas Revealed


Okay, so maybe they’re not so secret. In fact, they’re posted on Paulie’s website as a resourceful commentor named Mike pointed out. Here are the ‘secret’ pies: [Read more…]

What’s on Paulie Gee’s secret menu?

Greenpoint pizza palace Paulie Gee’s has introduced a secret menu and Paulie isn’t going to give it up easily. Does anyone have any tips on what it might include? via Eater


Paulie Gee’s Latest Pie: Sake Mountain Way

Sake Mountain Way

Greenpointers recently announced a contest to see who could name Paulie Gee’s latest pie – a pizza that replaces vodka sauce with a sauce made from sake. They came up with some great suggestions — The Akira Kurosake, Land of the Rising Dough, Greenpointzilla — but Paulie seems to prefer classic rock names like In Ricotta Da Vita and Grapeful Dead. Here’s what he told Greenpointers:

“We are going to go with a name suggested by our busser Jake. It will be called Sake Mountain Way, a take off on the Joe Walsh song Rocky Mountain Way. Jake was inspired by whomever suggested Sake Balboa, so whomever suggested that is the winner.”

We love Paulie Gee’s and can’t wait to try it.

Fortunately, Paulie’s looking to name another pie:

inspired by my favorite calzone. Fresh mootz, sliced Canadian bacon, sweet Italian fennel sausage, a touch of fresh basil and post-oven ricotta dollops.

Any ideas? Go leave your suggestions at Greenpointers.

Speaking of Paulie Gee’s… he’s opening shop in Baltimore!

Paulie Gee’s Was on The Chew