Pat Kiernan was at The Gutter, de Blasio visited The Meatball Shop

So while Christie and Cuomo have panic attacks — residents remain unphased – and life returns to normal in Williamsburg and New York.

Pat Kiernan bowled at The Gutter on Saturday. He posted this picture on Facebook and said “Nice crowd at The Gutter tonight after a tough 48 hours. And I just bowled three strikes.”


And here’s de Blasio at The Meatball Shop in Greenwich Village. He should have come to Willamsburg, but still…


A day in the life of Williamsburg resident and NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan


Business Insider followed NY1 anchor/NYC treasure/Williamsburg resident Pat Kiernan through his day which starts at 3AM and the man doesn’t even drink coffee! Watch below: [Read more…]

Pat Kiernan’s Underwhelming $2 Million New Home

He says it’s very comfortable:

Mr. Kiernan has spent the last year lobbying to fill Regis Philbin’s seat on “Live! With Kelly,” and he has had a handful of guest host appearances on the morning show in the last two months. It is precisely this timing that helps make Mr. Kiernan’s move seem, on the face of it, rather odd.

Here he is, a local celebrity, pounding on the door of one of the most coveted jobs in broadcasting, the glitter of national-talk-show fairy dust sprinkled in his neat blond hair. And there he goes, moving from a fabulous penthouse on the Upper West Side to a house with vanilla-colored siding that is across the street from a hardware store and costs half as much as the place where he lives now.

No, the choice is not obvious. But on a walk through their new home on a rainy afternoon last week, Mr. Kiernan and his wife, Dawn, explained that at first sight, the house, its garden, the neighborhood and even the L train got under their skin.

“We’re under no illusions that it could be confused with a trophy property from the front,” Mr. Kiernan said, explaining that the location and the pristine interior were much more important to them. “We’re not trying to build a showy property. We just want a comfortable place to live with our family.”

And it will be comfortable, indeed.

The kitchen opens up into an immense back garden, all warm reddish brick and leafy trees. The couple’s daughters, Lucy, 10, and Maeve, 7, will have their own floor. And the 2,600-square-foot home was fully renovated just over a year ago by a family that planned to stay for the long haul, Mr. Kiernan said. The structural steel, the plumbing, the electrical systems — all were spruced up.

Pat Kiernan Is Moving to Williamsburg

Must have something to do with his love of The Gutter. Evidently, NY’s favorite news anchor paid 2 mil for his townhouse. His gig as the new Regis must be paying him well.

NY1’S PAT Kiernan, every hipster’s favorite morning anchor, is moving from Manhattan to Williamsburg. Kiernan paid $2.02 million for an unassuming-looking three-story, four-bedroom townhouse with aluminum siding on Bedford Ave., records show. The Brownstoner blog called it the highest price ever paid for a single-family home in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

The 2,600-square-foot address is right in the crowded heart of world’s biggest hipster hangout. Even the Duane Reade on Bedford Ave. has a bar in it.

But Kiernan, who gets up at 3 a.m., may find it hard to enjoy the nightlife at his new doorstep.

Kiernan, 43, his wife and two daughters are moving from W. 75th St. on the staid upper West Side. He’s angling to go to national TV by stepping into Regis Philbin’s shoes as co-host of “Live! with Kelly.”