This weekend: go see some art!

What are you doing this weekend? Why not go see some art shows?

A piece from "SeenoEvil..." opening at Factory Fresh on Friday

Friday Night: At FactoryFresh the crazy/weird/surreal show “seenoevilseenoevilsee evil” is opening – featuring work by Jeremiah Maddock, Daniel Trocchio and Amanda Wong. All three are showing crazy hypnotic and colorful pieces, ranging from drawings to paintings to video.

And then, Saturday! Artist-run gallery Pandemic is opening their latest show,”Split Personality,” with a Pabst-Blue-Ribbon sponsored party. Split Personality is the first solo show by Laos-born artist Vilaykorn Sayaphet and features work split between two sides – an impressionist/painterly body of work and a more serious collection of illustrations.

seenoevilseenoevilsee evil” opens Friday September 24 from 7-10pm, and is running from September 24-October 24 at Factory Fresh, at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop.

Split Personality opens on Saturday, September 25th, 2010, from 7-11 PM, and runs through October 10th at Pandemic Gallery, on 37 Broadway (between Wythe and Kent) off the Marcy stop on the J/M/Z.

A piece from the Split Personality show opening Saturday night at Pandemic

Fuck Don Pablo Pedro at Pandemic

Tonight! The street-art friendly Pandemic Gallery is holding an opening party for the solo show of artist Don Pablo Pedro, entitled “Fuck Don Pablo Pedro.”

While Don Pablo Pedro himself has been working for years, he says it wasn’t until he was laid up after a surgery that amputated one testicle that he was really able to bring his art to fruition. Appropriately, most of his imagery features sexual mutations, violence, and depravity.

This show is made up of muslin scrolls painted with, as he puts it:

“anatomical abnormalities, oozing orifices, and sexual oddities. Pasty figures desecrate one another situated in an empty space, alone, or engaged with others in orgasmic and violent activity.”

So come for the drinks, stay for the art, and leave guaranteed to have the most frightening wet dreams imaginable.

Pandemic is at 37 Broadway between Kent and Wythe.