CMJ announce 2015 initial artist lineup


CMJ celebrate their 35th anniversary this year and have just announced their initial lineup for the ‘music marathon’. The festival runs from the 13th until the 17th of October, featuring hundreds of bands and showcases (see our thoughts on last year here).

The full lineup (so far) can be seen on the official site here, and a first run down the lists sees the likes of Destruction Unit, Evans the Death, Ex Hex, Mercury Rev, Panda Bear, Protomartyr, Savak, The Album Leaf and The Men jumping out at me. No need for any competitions for silliest name this year, step forward Ham Sandwich to claim your crown.

Badges can be purchased here.

Top 5 shows of the weekend


5) !!! at Union Pool
While dance punk faded as fast you’d expect something called dance punk to fade, a few solid bands survived the fallout, including !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk), who recently announced an impromptu four-night stand at Union Pool. Saturday marks the close of that run, and is a must-see for any music fan reared on print Spin’s psychotically grinning post-08 optimism, but Union Pool’s back room (still a source of confusion for the ultra-faded masses, I think) offers the additional cache with good sound, a cool setting, and an intimate cap. If you got sold out of Future Islands, here’s your backup plan.

Saturday, doors at 9pm

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New Year, New Shows: January’s Must See Concerts


Well, it’s officially 2015. I’m going to do the basic bitch thing and proceed to cleanse this month. After all, my body is so toxic at the moment that my eyes are literally swollen (that’s how you “do the holidays”, kids). So instead of drinking, smoking, eating cheeseburgers, drinking coffee, or doing anything else that people my age tend to do to make life more “vibrant”, I’m going to opt for raw vegan restaurants and introspection instead. Don’t worry, I hate me too. Of course, I still need my kicks, which is why I have a PACKED list of must see shows for this month. Most of these are hella dance worthy too, so I can maybe even justify passing these off as cardio classes too, if I want to be that annoying. Anywho, before I start sounding more like some washed up Hollywood starlet with an eating disorder who’s trying to “love herself again” I’m just going to get to the good stuff.

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Panda Bear On Working With Daft Punk

Panda Bear's Tomboy cover

The internet has been blowing up about this cover to the new Panda Bear record Tomboy. It’s pretty cool, I guess. And it’s nice to see people getting pretty excited about album art in a time when most people are downloading music more than actually buying it.

The release date has been changed again, making it available April 12 via Paw Tracks. But we’ll wait around forever for this follow up to the phenomenal Person Pitch. The tracklist is below. What do you think of the album art?

01 You Can Count on Me
02 Tomboy
03 Slow Motion
04 Surfer’s Hymn
05 Last Night at The Jetty
06 Drone
07 Alsatian Darn
08 Scheherezade
09 Friendship Bracelet
10 Afterburner
11 Benfica

New Panda Bear single "Last Night at the Jetty"

I didn’t know what a jetty was. So I looked up the definition expecting it to mean like a head shop or something herb-related. Turns out, though, it’s like a pier. But that still makes sense that Noah Lennox would be spending his evenings there. The new Panda Bear single “Last Night at the Jetty,” does sound both a little bit nautical and a little bit zonked out. Both in the way you’d expect to hear from any Animal Collective-related project.

Panda Bear – Ponytail/Last Night at The Jetty/Benfica/Comfy/Slow Motion (“Jetty” at 3:16)

You can pre-order the single, along with B-Side “Drone,” now or wait til it drops (in limited quantity) on December 6. The original SoundCloud post has been taken down, but for now you can still listen to the track over at Hype Machine.

New Panda Bear 'Tomboy' Tracks Released

2 tracks from Panda Bear AKA Noah Lennox’s new album ‘Tomboy’ have been released by Stereogum. Could this be the album to save indie music in 2k10 as some claim?

He plays 9/11/10 on the Beach @ Governor’s Island for $30, but hopefully a few more shows pop up after Tomboy’s release.

On another note, here’s a music video I just finished for PB-inspired artist Navajo Bixby that has gotten some blog love this week. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, just thought I’d share.