Dirty Projectors and Owen Pallett played Terminal 5

Photo via jp2mets

If there’s one thing The Dirty Projectors and Owen Pallett have in common it is precision. Whether it is Pallett building up his crazy wall of sound loop constructions or the Projectors belting out some insane vocal harmony, both acts are going at their live show with a deliberate sense of what they are doing. So a pairing of the two together at Terminal 5 Saturday night felt like it, too, was well thought out and premeditated. The house was sold out, and the huge crowd seemed to be appreciative of the type of rad show we were seeing together. “It’s like the Cake Shop but with a couple balconies,” Dave Longstreth said early on his band’s set. It may have elicited a chuckle (you know, since it is nothing like The Cake Shop at all) but it was a nice gesture to make. [Read more…]