Top 5 shows of the weekend


Today is St Patrick’s Day… fantastic… now everyone in the city who ever saw a picture of a four leaf clover or had a pint of Guinness is apparently Irish. I might just curl up in a ball and hide, but that would be a mistake, because if you can avoid all the green pavement pizzas en-route to where you’re going, there are some great shows to be seen.

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Dan Lopatin releasing a zine

Dan Lopatin has made a name for himself as the obsessive synth man (both as avante Oneohtrix Point Never, as well as super catchy Ford & Lopatin/Games) He’s made his own record label. (Software) And now, prior to releasing his new record Replica next month, Lopatin has decided to go further and dip his toes into the zine game. Because what makes sense to someone obsessed with vintage synths and 80s pop hooks? Outdated printed media! (but seriously, we love zine culture and are excited whenever an amazingly creative person branches out into a new thing.)

The zine will be called Cool Drool. Volume 1: Our Drool and Why features contributions from Cory Arcangel, Jon Rafman, Prurient/Cold Cave’s Dominick Fernow, Laurel Halo, Robert Beatty, Megazord, and The Wire’s Derek Walmsley. The whole thing will be available through Lopatin’s Software imprint this fall for required cold weather reading.

Adventures in Riga with Oneohtrix Point Never

Your favorite Foreign Correspondent has made it all the way to Riga, Latvia, to attend the famed Sound Forest Festival that encompasses avant-garde and experimental music from around the world. You may be asking yourself what does this have to do with Brooklyn? Well, you may recognize one of the rising stars of the Brooklyn music scene Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) in the video below.

Daniel and I have been on a few adventures which we hope you will enjoy. For our first chat, we were inspired by the ex-Soviet press conference building, Preses Nams, housing the the festival, so we did a little impromptu press conference. Daniel, being of Russian descent, has a lot to say about Eastern European supermarkets — the quality of their jackets and candy –among other things.