Web Game Allows Women to Shoot Catcallers; Scenery Inspired by Bedford Avenue


In Hey Baby, the New York Times‘ Seth Schiesel writes, “men approach you and say something, and you can either blow them away, leaving tombstones inscribed with their affronts, or you can say, ‘Thank you, have a great day,’ and the man turns around and leaves in a cloud of floating pink hearts.”

Its designer, Suyin Looui must live in the neighborhood as Schiesel, another neighborhood resident, notes “several of the storefronts are drawn directly from small businesses on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.” As you’ll see above, I took that screenshot after shooting one particularly aggresive fellow right outside The Bagel Store.

The game itself is terribly strange, frightening as you stroll around the block and zombie-dudes from all corners say things like, “You’re fucking beautiful,” or, “Nice crotch.”

So ladies: Ever wanted to shoot that guy saying, “Hey gurrrrl” right in the face right on the corner of Bedford and No. 7th? Fire away.

Designers Create Williamsburg & Greenpoint Neighborhood Flags

For its latest issue, The Neighborhoods Issue, GOOD asked a handful of designers & illustrators to “create flags celebrating their neighborhoods.” Both Greenpoint and Williamsburg are represented in the project, with flags designed by Playlab, a design company here in Brooklyn.
Below left is Williamsburg, below right is Greenpoint:


I reached out to the studio to get the story behind each flag — what they represent and how they came up with the ideas. Here’s Playlab’s response:

We designed two flags for GOOD Magazine, representing the neighborhoods we live and work in. One for Williamsburg, and one for Greenpoint. The flags show extreme generalizations of what comes to mind when the majority of people think about the two places, whether or not they frequent the area. For Williamsburg, this is plaid and tapered, skinny and cuffed jeans. For Greenpoint, it is Polish sausages and the Polish flag.

Check out the whole grid at GOOD.

ROA Opening Reception Tonight at Factory Fresh

ROA has a solo exhibition opening at Factory Fresh tonight. From Wooster Collective:

Tonight ROA comes to Brooklyn and the “inside becomes the outside” at Factory Fresh. After searching for scrap materials and painting furiously inside Factory Fresh for the last eight days and nights the doors to ROA’s concrete jungle will open at 7pm (Friday, May 14)
Factory Fresh is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop

ROA will be on view through May 30th.

An Interview with Katie Jean Arnold, Celibate Musician & L Train Hooker-Upper


Earlier this week the New York Post wrote about a new trend among women in the city — celibacy. One, Katie Jean Arnold, was said to have hooked-up with somebody on the L train platform. I wrote, “Sex on L Train Platform Leads to Celibacy Pledge,” and everybody was all like, “Nahhh, not that kind of hook up.” The Post’s usage of the term “hook up” caused mass confusion among millions of people worldwide, as humanity struggled to understand whether or not an act of sexual proportions occurred on the L train itself, or if the hookuppery happened later at a private apartment.

Well, guess what. We reached out to the celibate musician, Katie Jean Arnold, who tells us that yes, indeed, a hook up DID occur right there on the L train. This was more than a simple meeting of the minds.

From the musician’s mouth: “We kiss until the train comes. We kiss from the Lorimer stop until the Jefferson stop. He takes my hand, leads me to his room, plays me a lullaby and then we make sweet love…”

So here, in a breathtaking FREEwilliamsburg exclusive that’s bigger than Gizmodo’s iPhone scoop, let’s get to know Katie and what happened that fateful day on the L train platform, how both Katie and her sister lost their underwear and her future as a sex advice columnist.

For reference: FW is me, Brian, and KJA is Katie Jean Arnold.

FW: So you are the singer/songwriter/comedian from the New York Post celibate story who “hooked up” with someone on the L train platform, yes? Give us the “real story.” What is a “hook up” as in, was it a meeting in old people speak, or did you jolly rancher right there on the concrete?

KJA: I walk to the platform. I see an attractive man sitting all alone with his guitar. We make eye contact and I sit right next to him. He immediately starts kissing my neck…


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That Tiger Ad

Do you kinda feel, I dunno, strange inside after having watched that? More to Nike’s point, do you feel bad, just a little bit, for Tiger, having to listen to his Dad’s voice from behind the grave scolding him for his public wrongs? That’d be Nike’s goal here, I believe. You feel bad. We all feel bad. The world sees him through the ever-glistening shot glass of humanity. And we all move on. There’s golf to play, damnit. Go watch.

Watch: A Slice of Sampa

Graffiti artists Rui Amaral, Onesto and Binho cover the streets of S√£o Paulo, Brasil (a.k.a. Sampa) in a fight against urban gray monotony.

A Slice of Sampa by Jared Levy on Vimeo

Art Tonight: Borbay's Urbania at M&T Bank, Flatiron Branch

A friend of mine, the artist Borbay, is hosting a one-night only exhibition at M&T Bank, Flatiron branch, tonight at 6pm. I suggest you go. Not only is he a fantastic individual with a broken leg (an injury sustained in a Friday night beer league hockey game), he is a fine painter who’s done everything from the Brooklyn Bridge, Neils Coffee Shop, and the Woolworth Building. AND, for those of you who like magazines and the things they say, he was recently named the Most Creative New Yorker by Time Out New York.
And as for why he’s holding this thang in a damn bank?

‚”I decided at the inset of my art career I was not going to be another one of a thousand artists begging a gallery to put my work on their walls once a year, be 100th in-line for promotion and give them a 50% cut. Instead, I decided I can be my own business and promotional entity – so what better venue to host my first show than a bank? You like that painting? Good, there’s an ATM behind you, withdraw $500 for a down payment and my manager will send you a contract tomorrow. Warhol said, “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” I fail to recognize how joining some sterile gallery in Chelsea with no interest in my work or brand at the price of 50% a pop is good art.”

So, come check out the exhibition, Urbania, tonight at M&T Bank, the Flatiron branch (200 5th Avenue). It runs from 6 – 9PM.
Disclaimer: As I said in the first four words of the post, he is a friend of mine. But an intelligent, creative, and fine-looking friend at that!

A tribute to a tribute for a tribute?

In the beginning, there was just Phoenix’s official Lisztomania video. Shortly thereafter, someone decided the song sounded like the soundtrack to every 80’s teenage angst-y movie ever made, and the brat pack mash up tribute was born. Then, some cute Brooklynites had too much time on their hands and a nice roof at their disposal, and the Brooklyn Brat pack tribute to a tribute was created. Now, some even cuter kiddos in the Phillipines made a tribute to the Brooklyn tribute.

Where will this Lisztomania tribute video arms race end?