Trash Talk played 285 Kent with Odd Future

As mentioned in the post below, this show will go down as 2012’s most sweltering event. Even though they do have a new and pretty wicked industrial sized A/C at the warehouse on Kent, condensation started dripping from the ceiling 2 minutes into Trash Talk’s set. Bodies were flying all over the place, swinging from the sprinkler pipes on the ceiling and vanishing in a several hundred people strong mosh pit. It was sheer mayhem and the ruckus was definitely brought to Brooklyn that night. Musically, it wasn’t all that. But hey, what does a room full of explosive energy care about song writing finesse…

Watch Odd Future+Trash Talk playing “Radicals” and “Awake” live at 285 Kent on July 26, 2012.

Odd Future – “Oldie”

Odd Future – “NY (Ned Flander)” [feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator]

Watch the Trailer to Odd Future’s New Show “Loiter Squad”

Gramma reading Odd Future Tweets

Tyler, The Creator’s hella buzzed Goblin drops tomorrow. Grandmothers everywhere are stoked. (Just kidding, they are probably either A. Horrified, or B. Unaware.) But someone thought it would be funny to see their gramz read off some of Tyler’s tweets. I don’t think this completely softens the blow of the offensiveness of Goblin or the rest of the Odd Future catalogue, but it does continue to make it hard to turn a blind eye to the buzz surrounding them.

Meanwhile, check out this article on The Guardian about Tyler, Lil’ B and the state of hip-hop homophobia.

Odd Future on Fallon?

I’m still a little torn on Odd Future (aka Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All aka OFWGKTA). I want to be in on it and support their gimmick and recognize their rapping prowess. But their tunes are just filled with so much homophobia and violence and hate that it is really hard for me to say I’m into it without coming across as a hypocrite.

But apparently the gimmick is going to keep right on going. Consequence of Sound announced that the young crew will be performing February 16 on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, backed by The Roots. Does performing with such a prominent and politically correct hip hop troupe like The Roots give these guys a little bit more cred? Does the fact that they are appearing on national TV mean they are legitimate? Is there a lot more to this joke that I’m just not seeing? (Probably yes to all, right?)