Ring in the New Year at These Top Brooklyn Parties


So real talk. My family just left and I feel like a shell of a human. Not because I’m sad that their gone, and I’m having post holiday blues (that might be a very small part of it), but because dammit those people are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to partying in the city. UGH. I just got Venzin’ed.

And while my entire body feels like it’s been in a microwave, and butt-chugging a green juice currently seems like a wise option, I know I need to gear up for the biggest party of the year.  That’s right folks, Wednesday night marks the greatest party event of the year – NYE. I have to say, 2014 crushed it, so let’s do ourselves a solid and ring in 2015 with the same good vibes. These Brooklyn parties are sure to jumpstart the new year on the right foot. And then afterword, let’s seriously freebase some kale chips or something because god knows we are going to need all the help we can get.

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BangOn NYC! Time + Space NYE Party Returns to Brooklyn


Holy crap! We’re already a week into December. How did that happen? Is someone screwing with the continuum? Well that means if you haven’t made New Year’s Eve plans, you better get on it. We all know anywhere near Times Square is a total nightmare, and places like Webster Hall become playgrounds for the barely legal bridge and tunnel bunch. Oof. Save yourself the headache (you’re going to have one of those the day after anyway), and make the right choice by into the wormhole this New Year’s Eve at BangOn NYC!’s annual Time + Space Party, taking place at a Brooklyn warehouse TBD.

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PHOTO FIELD TRIP: BangOn NYC’s NYE Bushwick Ravey Wavey Party!

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