REVIEW: Wild Child Brought Warm Austin Vibes To Williamsburg


The cold snap may have still been kicking this weekend, but you couldn’t tell inside the cozy confines of Music Hall of Williamsburg where Austin based Indie Folk band Wild Child kept the crowd feeling warm and fuzzy with their endearing love songs, energetic sing-alongs and thoughtful lyrics. This rag tag bunch of southerners was considerably well-received in Brooklyn where they played to a packed house of fans who were not afraid to dance, holler and play vocal response games with the band. There’s nothing pretentious about Wild Child – these buds are all about having fun.
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Music video: Wild Flag “Electric Band”

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t enjoy the Wild Flag record. Like NPR says: “Wild Flag’s self-titled debut boasts some of the catchiest songs of the band members’ careers.” Plus, they look like they are having a blast doing it. Here’s a Bad News Bears-esque clip for “Electric Band,” one of those infectious punk pop songs from the album. NPR debuted the Hollerings-directed video this morning, and there’s no real reason to not put it on repeat all day.

Listen to the new Washed Out record

Ernest Greene is kind of like the electronic version of Justin Vernon. While Vernon retreated to the woods to record his first record as Bon Iver, Ernest Green took to his bedroom in his parents’ house to record Life of Leisure, his first EP as Washed Out. As you can tell by the title of that EP, Greene is into just chilling. And putting out synth on top of synth vibes that make for a perfect summer listen.

He is back with his first LP release, titled Within and Without (which will be officially released July 12 on Sub Pop). NPR has the record streaming, and if you are just relaxing in a backyard or stoop this summer, it is the perfect thing to throw on. Here’s what NPR had to say about this release compared to Life of Leisure and Washed Out’s other EP High Times:

For all of the leaps forward that Greene has taken on Within and Without, it’s still unmistakably his work — all of the changes here are just iterations of his established sound. At the core of Washed Out is a push and pull between electronic dance music and pop music, between songs based on slowly shifting and building textures and those built on a more traditional verse-chorus-verse structure.

Washed Out is playing a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom on July 11 with Grimes and Blood Orange.

Stream the new Cults record

Finally, after what feels like such a long time of being teased with a slow stream of singles, Cults are finally ready to give us their full-length debut. They got picked up by Columbia Records after putting out their Go Outside 7” early last year. On this self-titled album, the duo of Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin manage to produce ’60s-tinged pop songs that are not of the spacey, Brian Wilson inspired but really just made for stoners genre. But more throwing back to the innocent and good ol’ fashioned fun. It manages to be a great indie pop offering just in time for us to play during every summer BBQ.

Stream Cults at NPR. The record is due out is due out May 31.

Terry Gross Interviews Jon Stewart; Tickets Sold Out!

The host of NPR’s Fresh Air, Terry Gross (a Sheepshead Bay native) will interview Jon Stewart on Wednesday at 92nd Street Y on 1395 Lexington Ave. and the tickets are sold out! Rumor has it tickets are floating around Craigslist, and other online sites. If you’re dying to go, be ready to shell out over $215. The tickets originally went on sale for $50. The venue opened a remote site on location to watch the conversation unfold, but sure enough, those $15 tickets were gone quick. Stewart of course, hosts The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central.  More and more in recent years, Stewart has blurred the line where the jokes stop and the real news begins.  Between Gross and Stewart, these two have talked with many of the most interesting and influential people in art and politics. Their conversation will no doubt, be an entertaining one.  I wouldn’t hold your breath, but if you can’t swing the couple hundred bucks, it might not be too late to go. According to 92Y’s website,

Currently, all seats are reserved for this event. Seating capacity for events varies. For the benefit of our patrons, a limited number of tickets for sold out events may be available one hour before curtain. Call Y-Charge at 212.415.5500 during our Hours of Operation for more information.