North Highlands

The new video from BK’s North Highlands is as perfect as I’d hoped. Subtle and delicately charming – just like singer Brenda Malvini’s voice. Malvini’s vocals are so open and clear, but jump from sweet to haunting in a matter of phrases, playing off of the track’s layers really well.

North Highlands is named after Malvini’s home town, North Highlands, CA, which Malvini has described as “a gnarly suburb trapped in time. It sounds like a beautiful name but it’s not a beautiful place.” Malvini came to NYC as a student at NYU, where she met the majority of North Highlands. The track “Benefits” is about “when you work hard your whole life and then it isn’t enough,” says Malvini. “You realize that and you just say fuck it and go dancing.” [via]

Cheers to that

Stream the new album Wild One here.