Syndicated: Bushwick has its own dine-in movie theater


Syndicated opened last Friday on the Morgan stop in Bushwick. It’s a 50-seat theater that will host regular film screenings as well as screenings of special events including the Academy Awards and the premiere of the new X-Files. You can check out the full calendar here. Tonight, as a tribute to David Bowie, check out The Man Who Fell to Earth.

From Eater:

A movie theater and restaurant — with wait service during the film in the same vein as Nitehawk Cinema — is opening near the Morgan Avenue L stop on Friday. Syndicated, located at 40 Bogart St., is much smaller than Nitehawk with just one 50-seat theater. Its restaurant and bar is also just as big as the theater, with 70 seats in the restaurant and nearly 30 at the bar. [Read more…]

The gangs of North Brooklyn: the Dirty Ones, the Driggs Boys of Justice, and the Screaming Phantoms

Greg Young of the Bowery Boys blog has a great post up about North Brooklyn in the late 70’s and early 80s. As part of a promotion for the upcoming film A Most Violent Year — which looks fascinating and is about New York’s most violent year, 1981 — he discusses the street gangs of Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint, aka “The Killing Fields:”

The New York Times ran of list of several notorious Williamsburg gangs, including the Dirty Ones, the Driggs Boys Of Justice and the Screaming Phantoms. In 1981 Luis Garden Acosta, a prominent community leader, called northern Brooklyn (Williamsburg, with its neighbors Bushwick and Greenpoint) the “killing fields” for the number of teenagers killed in bloody gang conflicts. [Read more…]

Williamsburg, Greenpoint & Bushwick Music And Events Calendar

Looking for a comprehensive event calendar covering all the great music and happenings in North Brooklyn? We have one now and it includes our own curated events, free shows, and much more. Check out our new events calendar – part of a partnership with – and add it to your bookmarks. And yes, we’ve even included a special tab for those who want to venture onto the island.

First Day of Classes at The Yard

The Yard, a new-ish work space on Nassau, starts off their class series tomorrow with “How to Not Suck Hiring at your Startup.” It’s very General Assembly of them.

More classes here, including the “Caddyshack to Zombieland: On The Meta-Caricaturization of Bill Murray” class.