UPCOMING: YACHT ROCK BOAT CRUISE with 33Hz + Them Jeans on August 5!

Just when you thought you were safe from people obnoxiously quoting Lonely Island lyrics from 2009…

WE’RE ON A BOAT! Or, at least, we will be!

Friday, August 5th, hop onboard the S.S. Yacht Rock Boat for a late-night cruise around the Isle of Manna-Hata (or “Manhattan”, as you kids call it these days) with special YACHT ROCK sets from DJs 33Hz and Them Jeans that are sure to make some waves…

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Okay, okay, okay. We know that it’s hot and that sweating out half of your body weight kind of puts a damper on your chances of taking that fine chica (who is probably stuffing ice cubes in her underwear every time she runs to the bathroom) home. We get it.

That’s why we pulled some strings with the Weather Gods to make this Saturday’s PENT UP! a whole FIFTEEN DEGREES COOLER than last week’s. Don’t say we never did anything for you…

Riding high on the wave of last weekend’s launch, PENT UP! is back with electro-disco-rockers Beg To Differ spinning alongside resident DJs Stretch Armstrong, Dominique Keegan, and The DKDS.

As always, there will be cheap drinks, a killer view, and fun times from 5 to 4 (PM to AM, that is…).

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While you were busy literally peeling yourselves off of your couches, we spent Saturday dancing the night away on the rooftop of the Z Hotel for the first instalment of the PENT UP! summer party series! Check out some photos from the launch below…

The view was decent…

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UPCOMING: New rooftop party, PENT UP!

If you’re reading this, that means that you’ve somehow managed to prevent your eyeballs from melting into your skull. Good for you! Reward your resilience this weekend at PENT UP!, a brand-spankin’-new rooftop party in Long Island City (only 2 blocks from PS1).

Featuring cheap drinks, early drink specials, and killer DJs spinning from 4pm to 4am (seriously…), there’s no better way to spend a summer Saturday. Plus, it’ll be a whole 5 degrees cooler than it is today, so don’t forget to bring a sweater!

PENT UP! launches tomorrow with special guests Beni, Dominique Keegan, Rok One, The DKDS, and Kaviar Disco Club!

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While we obviously have a soft spot for Williamsburg, Manhattan isn’t all evil. Case in point: East Side Social Club at Blind Barber!

It’s okay, guys. They had a spotter.

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Our free sangria brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard! The Yard at the Soho Grand, that is…

The only way to do summer right is to double-fist it.

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PHOTOS: Fun Haüs Relaunch @ Stay

Last Wednesday, everyone’s favorite hump day party, Fun Haüs, relaunched at LES’s Stay Lounge, just in time for Eli Escobar‘s D.E.S.I.R.E. EP! With new scenery, new DJs, and a new feel, the reloaded Fun Haüs is sure to wipe away the Wednesday OH-DEAR-GOD-WHYs…

Pebbles Baby Rox and Contessa Stuto

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PHOTOS: The Darby loves LOVECAT!

Everyone knows that cats are all the rage right now (and always), so whoever named brand spankin’ new Lovecat Mag was right on the money! The beauties and the beastlies came out to the Darby in droves for the launch of this limited edition female fashion model fanzine.


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