Tørst: Craft Beer Bar With Scandinavian-influenced Fare (Coming Soon to Greenpoint)

Greenpoint is becoming an essential stop for beer snobs. We’re looking forward to this opening from Momofuku alum Daniel Burns!

Before working as the head of research and development for the Momofuku restaurants, chef Daniel Burns cooked at The Fat Duck in England, and he built and ran the pastry program at Noma in Copenhagen. Somewhere along the way, he connected with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, an acclaimed Danish brewer who has created beer for some of the world’s best restaurants. Now Daniel and Jeppe are teaming up to open a new Brooklyn project that they hope will be the best beer bar in the country.

The bar is called Tørst (the Danish word for “thirst”), and it will open at 615 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, just around the corner from the Nassau Avenue G-train station.Jeppe is curating the beer list, which will feature about 20 beers on tap. Jeppe owns both a brewing company, Evil Twin Brewing, and a beer distribution company, so he has deep connections in the world of European craft beer. The menu is still a work in progress, but expect a few selections that have never been served before in the United States. The bar will also have a special beer storage system, where the ales will be kept at different temperatures — serious beer nerd stuff.

In addition to the barroom up front, the space will also have a 25-seat restaurant in the back called Luksus (the Danish word for “luxury”) where Burns will serve a menu of Scandinavian-influenced American fare, all paired with beer. Burns notes: “We want to focus on food that will go well with the beer.” The restaurant will open a few months after the bar up front

Video: Escalator Malfunction Harms Five

Taken at the exchange place pATH station this morning:

Who Has The Most Rats: Williamsburg, Greenpoint or Bushwick?

Bushwick wins! At least according to this interactive map on Gothamist detailing the number of 311 calls made complaining of rats. There were a whopping 965 complaints of rat sightings in Bushwick in 2012 – the most reported in ANY neighborhood in all five boroughs. Williamsburg has about the same number of sightings (813) if you combine its 11211 and 11206 zips.

The Upper West Side, a neighborhood with no shortage of rodents, made plenty of noise, lodging around 1,000 complaints from 2010-2012. Residents of North Brooklyn also alerted the city about their own rat scourge, with Williamsburg and Bushwick each placing 800-900 calls to 311.

Multiple Reports of Sexual Assaults in Bushwick

Be careful!

Multiple sexual assaults fitting similar descriptions have occurred over the last week in Bushwick, the Brooklyn neighborhood now known more for artisanal pizza at Roberta’s than dingy warehouses. Just a block away from the restaurant, “I was taking stuff out of the garage and moments after I opened the door onto White Street I felt my head being grabbed by my hair and slammed into the brick wall,” one of the victims told Gothamist. “He was ripping at my jacket from behind and he was trying to put his hand over my mouth, and telling me, ‘I’m gonna fuck you,’ or ‘I’m gonna fuck you up.’ Before he was able to get it all the way over I screamed loud enough to make him run.”

A second victim described a similar attack, and both women reported their stories to the police, but according to Bushwick Daily, five women may have been assaulted in all. “The attacker is tall, medium build, Hispanic, wearing a hooded jacket. He grabs the women in the dark from behind and slams them against a building wall, covering their mouths so they can’t scream,” reported a tipster. “

Why Zebulon Closed


Via Brooklyn Paper:
Joce Soubiran, one of the owners of Zebulon, said he shut down the popular Wythe Avenue club because new residents complained too much about the performance space.

“The people around us don’t want us,” said Soubiran. “Why would you move next to a music place if you don’t want music? The people around here want to tell us how to run our business.”

…as the venue earned praise from music heads, it got bombarded with noise complaints, particularly in the past two years, said Soubiran. On Halloween, authorities issued the bar a total of seven tickets for noise violations and allowing revelers to gather on the street.

Soubiran said it’s not worth the hassle to better soundproof the club or ask bands to keep it down because that would compromise the club’s authenticity. He said he and the other owners might consider opening up in a different neighborhood — maybe Bushwick — at a later time.

“We are very tired and we need a break,” he said.

When asked what he will do when the squares move to Bushwick, Soubiran said he hopes to be retired.

Kinda reminds us of the people who moved next to the chicken slaughterhouse in Greenpoint. If you don’t like being in a festive neighborhood that can be loud at times, then why move there?

New Waterfront Bus Coming To Connect South Williamsburg and LIC


A long-requested bus route connecting the Williamsburg waterfront with Greenpoint and Long Island City is on track, MTA representatives said.

The route would begin underneath the Williamsburg Bridge by the Marcy Avenue J train station and extend to the G, 7, E and M train stations in Long Island City, according to a presentation the authority shared Monday. The MTA, which proposed the route this July along with four other new routes in the city, plans to meet with local community boards this winter to discuss the details of the plan, the presentation noted. “The creation of these new routes is a work in progress,” MTA spokesman Charles Seaton said. “We are discussing various options with various parties, and also looking at our budget.” The proposed route runs from the Williamsburg bridge along Kent Avenue to Franklin Street in Greenpoint, and then on Green Street to McGuiness Boulevard before crossing the Pulaski Bridge and running up 11th Street in Long Island City.

BREAKING: The L Train Is Back!

The L train is back, according to MTA CEO and Chairman Joe Lhota’s personal Twitter feed. The line had been closed for more than a week due to Hurricane Sandy. Trains are running once every ten minutes according to @MTAInsider.

Service resumed on the G train yesterday morning.

Here’s Some Actual Local Hurricane Sandy Damage

You’re probably looking out your window right now and thinking, well it sure is windy, but were all these precautions necessary? Time will tell, but it looks like the storm has already taken a casualty in Williamsburg. Here is a construction site on Union and Frost that didn’t survive the high winds, via Thought Catalog’s liveblog.

via Thought Catalog's flickr