Greenpointers incensed by smutty HBO shoot in neighborhood


And this time, it’s not Girls. It’s a shoot for an upcoming show called “The Knick”:

Entertainment is a dirty business. That is what a group of Greenpointers that has often railed against the presence of film crews in its neighborhood is saying after a crew shooting a pilot for an historical HBO series dumped tons of dirt on sleepy Milton Street, then washed it down storm drains. The whole thing felt like an act of war, according to one neighbor.

“It was like being occupied by a foreign nation,” said neighbor Bill Rohan, adding that the film crew violated his disabled parking permit by towing his car to a nearby block. “My blood pressure was definitely up that day.”

The Wednesday shoot took over three blocks, removed all the street signs, and brought more than 100 crew members and a stable of horses to the area, residents said. The parting hose-down left the block a muddy mess, according to residents.

“They left a river of mud and now it is a dustbowl,” said film-shoot accountability activist Rolf Carle. “There is dirt everywhere.” [Read more...]

Vanessa’s Dumplings is back

Only 19 of 1,345 Promised Affordable Housing Units Built Since 2005 In North Brooklyn

Coming Soon, Greenpoint Landing

Coming Soon, Greenpoint Landing

It’s bad enough that we have to put up with eyesores like The Edge and the impending Greenpoint Landing, but this is disgraceful:

Greenpointers: City lied about parks, ‘affordable housing’

The city has broken its promise to bring affordable housing to Greenpoint and Williamsburg and is letting developers run roughshod over the neighborhoods, pushing out the working class in the process, claimed more than 150 protesters rallying outside East River State Park Wednesday night.

The group, which gathered along now upscale Kent Avenue, said thousands of poorer residents have been priced out of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods during the past decade in the wake of a rezoning of the waterfront that allowed condominium towers to rise up, but also promised more parks and guaranteed so-called “affordable housing” — two things residents now say the city lied about.


Only 19 of the 1,345 “affordable” apartments the city promised in 2005 when it rezoned the North Brooklyn waterfront to residential from manufacturing have been built, according to Jan Petersen, a member of Community Board 1, and that has forced lower-income residents to move away.

“This community has lost 10,000 Latino residents in the past 10 years,” claimed Antonio Reynoso, who is running against Vito Lopez for the 34th district council seat. “That is unacceptable.”


Some Greenpoint residents have been roiling in recent weeks since two developers unveiled plans for more luxury condo towers on the north end of the waterfront.

The developer Park Tower Group wants to build “Greenpoint Landing,” a 10-tower development with up to 5,500 units on Newtown Creek. Meanwhile, the Chetrit Group is planning a 30-story tower at 77 Commercial St. between Manhattan and Franklin avenues, that would rise next to the site of a proposed city park that has been stalled for years, and some worry may never be built.


Residents see the explosive development along the Greenpoint waterfront — combined with Two Trees Management’s plan for 2,284 apartments proposed for and around the Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg as further proof that the city cares more about turning the neighborhoods into high-end urban wonderlands than taking care of the people who have lived there for years .

Some of those residents say that all the new development is forcing old-school landlords to reevaluate how much they can get for their old-school apartments.

“[My landlord] has tried for a long time to get me out,” said Maria Ramos, 71, who has lived in a rent-stabilized apartment on Green Street for 30 years. “She wants someone with more money.”

Max Fish is moving to Williamsburg

Max Fish, a staple of Ludlow Street in the LES for over two decades appears to be finally making a move. With threats of closure hanging over the bar for the past few years, owner Ulf Rimkus has filed for a liquor license at 132 Metropolitan Ave right next to Nitehawk Cinema. She promises: ‘We’ll Take the Spirit and Everything Else With Us.’ via BoweryBoogie

- @joshmorrissey

Bar Opening: OTB (Finally An OTB We Like In The Neighborhood)

OTB (c/o Eater)

From Eater

Earlier this month, Post Office owner Alla Lapushchik opened OTB, a Williamsburg tavern with a race track theme. The drinks menu includes classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, and Hemingway Daquiris, plus original cocktails, beer, and wine. The food menu from Ssäm Bar alum Sam Glinn is slated to debut later this week. It will feature bistro dishes like oysters, escargot, frog legs, French onion soup, steak frites, and coq au vin.

OTB Menu

[Read more...]

Tomorrow: Community Forum About Those Wacky Domino Sugar Factory Plans

domino sugar factory development

From NAG

NAG would like to invite you to a community meeting about the proposed new development at the Domino Sugar Factory. Jed Walentas and the Two Trees team will be walking us through their whole plan, providing you an opportunity to learn about the proposal and get answers to your questions.

Domino Community Forum w/ Two Trees
Thurs March 14th
The Woods – 48 S4th

We are very interested in your input and encourage your attendance at this meeting. Hopefully, you can join us

6-630: Meet, greet, grab a drink, check out the model, say hi to your neighbors. Grab a spot for the powerpoint.
630-715: Domino presentation.
715-8pm: Questions & Discussion

(via Greenpointers)

Paulie Gee’s Latest Pie: Sake Mountain Way

Sake Mountain Way

Greenpointers recently announced a contest to see who could name Paulie Gee’s latest pie – a pizza that replaces vodka sauce with a sauce made from sake. They came up with some great suggestions — The Akira Kurosake, Land of the Rising Dough, Greenpointzilla — but Paulie seems to prefer classic rock names like In Ricotta Da Vita and Grapeful Dead. Here’s what he told Greenpointers:

“We are going to go with a name suggested by our busser Jake. It will be called Sake Mountain Way, a take off on the Joe Walsh song Rocky Mountain Way. Jake was inspired by whomever suggested Sake Balboa, so whomever suggested that is the winner.”

We love Paulie Gee’s and can’t wait to try it.

Fortunately, Paulie’s looking to name another pie:

inspired by my favorite calzone. Fresh mootz, sliced Canadian bacon, sweet Italian fennel sausage, a touch of fresh basil and post-oven ricotta dollops.

Any ideas? Go leave your suggestions at Greenpointers.

Speaking of Paulie Gee’s… he’s opening shop in Baltimore!

Tørst: Craft Beer Bar With Scandinavian-influenced Fare (Coming Soon to Greenpoint)

Greenpoint is becoming an essential stop for beer snobs. We’re looking forward to this opening from Momofuku alum Daniel Burns!

Before working as the head of research and development for the Momofuku restaurants, chef Daniel Burns cooked at The Fat Duck in England, and he built and ran the pastry program at Noma in Copenhagen. Somewhere along the way, he connected with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, an acclaimed Danish brewer who has created beer for some of the world’s best restaurants. Now Daniel and Jeppe are teaming up to open a new Brooklyn project that they hope will be the best beer bar in the country.

The bar is called Tørst (the Danish word for “thirst”), and it will open at 615 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, just around the corner from the Nassau Avenue G-train station.Jeppe is curating the beer list, which will feature about 20 beers on tap. Jeppe owns both a brewing company, Evil Twin Brewing, and a beer distribution company, so he has deep connections in the world of European craft beer. The menu is still a work in progress, but expect a few selections that have never been served before in the United States. The bar will also have a special beer storage system, where the ales will be kept at different temperatures — serious beer nerd stuff.

In addition to the barroom up front, the space will also have a 25-seat restaurant in the back called Luksus (the Danish word for “luxury”) where Burns will serve a menu of Scandinavian-influenced American fare, all paired with beer. Burns notes: “We want to focus on food that will go well with the beer.” The restaurant will open a few months after the bar up front