Marilyn’s Love Affair with Brooklyn

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For the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, August 5, NBC News has released old interviews with the iconic movie star. In this interview, she proclaims her love for our fab ‘burb:

When I retire, I want to retire to Brooklyn…it’s my favorite place in the world so far that I’ve seen. I haven’t traveled much, but I don’t think I’ll find anything else to replace Brooklyn. I just like walking around. I think the view is better from Brooklyn, you know, you can look back over and see Manhattan. That’s the best view…It’s the people…I like the streets, just the people and the streets and the atmosphere, I just like it.”

So do we, Marilyn!

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Leslie Knope to Attend City Council Meeting?

It appears as though Brooklyn Councilman Brad Lander thinks that he could teach newly-elected councilwoman Leslie Knope (aka Amy Poehler of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”) a thing or two. Lander wrote a congratulatory letter to Ms. Knope in May inviting her to “spend a day as a Council Member of the City of New York,” stating that he “can provide [her] with valuable insight into the role of a City Council member.”

While explaining what goes into a typical day of a Councilman, he mentions a key incentive – Knope will not run into her nemesis department, the library: “you will definitely love that our local library has been closed for years due to construction (no librarians around here, lately).”

Lander closes by hitting her soft spot – officiating the marriage of Penguins: “if you have any spare time during your visit, I know of two very enamored penguins at the Prospect Park Zoo who have been waiting for the right officiant to get married.”

Clearly Mr. Lander’s letter was a joke. But let’s join him in rallying for Ms. Knope to come to Brooklyn and bring Pawnee’s magic with her!

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