Citibikes arrive in NYC along with old hipster jokes

EV Grieve spotted this tired joke at the Citibike location on East 2nd street and Avenue B. I’m glad to see Citibike is really putting an effort into their hipster humor. I’d imagine some of their planned Williamsburg cliché taglines include:

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. I’ll race you to the PLAID SHIRT store.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. Citibike is cheaper than buying a FIXIE.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. You still might get hot with all those BEANIES on your head.”

“Williamsbug is only 12 minutes away. Or you could just stay home and shop on ETSY.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. Just enough time to build up an appetite for ARTISANAL CHEESES.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. Don’t try to ride after drinking too much PBR.”

“Williamsburg is only 12 minutes away. 5 minutes by limo you little TRUST FUND bitch.”


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