T-Pain & The Big Ass Chain

Jay-Z may be claiming the death of autotune but T-Pain’s doing fine:
I told everybody I’m not playing no more anybody wanna try to out do me then we goin at it like next door neighbors. Believe dat
10lbs. 197kts. Very very real I don’t know what fake feel like.$410,000. Hola se√±or recession proof.

Blind Pilot – on tour!

Blind Pilot played their second show in New York last night at the Bowery Ballroom. Excited about being in New York, the lead guitarist and singer Israel, admitted to never having the chance to visit New York until they had the opportunity to play here.
Originally from Portland, the humble group first started reaching their loyal and appreciative audiences by touring small towns on their bikes with nothing but their equipment, before deciding to record their debut album 3 Rounds and a Sound.
When the music started up, there were smiles across the crowd. It felt almost like being at summer camp with all the soft chanting, swaying, and overall cumbia atmosphere.
As most songs played were slow and peaceful, folks definitely jammed out to a few of the more upbeat favorites such as ‚” We are the Tide” and ‚” The Story I heard“.
Often before songs were played, the band made sure to inform the audience of the little story that went along with it and what the inspiration was behind writing the song.
Listen to them tell their story here on NPR.
Click below to see more photos from the show

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New MGMT Video: "Kids"

Jeffrey Lewis Objectified

To Be Objectified – Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard
“We’re only boats. And the boats are only empty…”
So I saw Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard at Bowery Ballroom a few weeks ago and although I was bummed he didn’t perform “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror,” it was an awe-inspiring performance complete with slide shows of his renditions of world history and a duet with Diane Cluck. At one point he joked that the show was going to go on for hours a la Adam Green – and it kinda did. By the end of the show I found myself standing at the foot of the stage wishing I was an anti-folk star too! Boy what fun it must be – such self-deprecation and extremely profound observations of the universe – whoever said ignorance was bliss never wrote a Jeffrey Lewis song. Check out his new album ‘Em Are I here.

Gillis on the Water

Girl Talk playing the Waterfront August 23rd? So says BV.

Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest in Billboard's Top 10

Veckatimest debuted in the Billboard Top 10 this week at #8 with 33,000 sold. Interesting sales stat: “40% of its sales came from downloads while another 24% were shifted at independent and small chain stores.” Keep buying local!
Stereogum notes this is “at the very least, an objective metric for the > or < Merriweather debate."

New Peaches – 'Lose You'

She’s uh…she’s in love with both of us.

Music Slut tells us it was produced by Simian Mobile Disco, who’s James Ford also lent his production hand for the new untitled Arctic Monkeys album, dropping August 25th.

LANDy – yes please

The girls are kinda creepy man but boy is Adam hot!
Wow I think there is finally a celebrity foray into music that isn’t a complete joke – (a la Honey Brothers, DOGSTAR and Scarlett Johansson) – featuring the backing band talents of members of Earlimart and The Flaming Lips – LANDy is writer, director, actor and all around HOTTIE Adam Goldberg’s new band. OK maybe I’m biased since my mom spotted him at Balthazar last year and said something along the lines of “WOW – isn’t that the hot guy from Saving Private Ryan?” And yes, yes it was.
His debut album Eros and Omissions comes out June 23rd – in the meantime peep the new video for “BFF!” Yes maybe it’s pretentious as fuck featuring girls that remind me of The Shining twins, apples, lemons, strings and over- sized sexy playing cards but it’s actually dare I say – excellent!