Tanlines’ video for ‘Palace’ stars Natasha Lyonne, Alex Karpovsky and Baby’s All Right

Tanlines’ new video for Palace is largely filmed in Williamsburg’s Baby’s All Right and features a few faces you may recognize. From UO Blog:

Set to “Palace,” off of the band’s sophomore album Highlights, the music video follows singer/guitarist Eric Emm and his doppelgänger (played by Alex Karpovsky, of HBO’s Girls, who co-directed the music video with Teddy Blanks) as they react differently to a break-up.

Think of it as the band version of Sliding Doors, with a similarly impressive lineup of actors; in addition to Alex, the music video also stars Natasha Lyonne (aka Nicky Nichols on Orange is the New Black) and features appearances by Leo Fitzpatrick and Ben Sinclair.

Watch below:


Courtesy Tier – Cold

Courtesy Tier released their video “Cold” to the world to today! I love it! Let me know what you think.

via: blaqbook.com

Workout Carry A Coffin Through Williamsburg In New Video

Workout just released the new video for their song “Bon Voyage,” which they recorded at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in Williamsburg.

Video Premiere: Slothrust – The Couch Incident

Our friends over at Meerkat Media just sent us over their latest video for Slothrust’s The Couch Incident. The sofa-bound lead singer is confronted by her very younger self, and instead of some lovey-dovey, idyllic realization about ourselves as children, shit gets real when the girl turns out to be elusive, destructive, and violent. The song reminds me a little bit of what the At The Drive In would be like if they had listened to more death metal.

Slothrust was recently a featured artist at Adrian Grenier’s Brooklyn studio (which I did not know was even a thing), Wreckroom.

Young Magic- “Night In The Ocean” Video

Matthew Eisman Music Photography

Every other month, I go on an obsessive Young Magic rampage. It’s been going on for a year and you’d probably notice this if you’re socially connected with me. It’s quite unhealthy but I’m fine with it and I hope they’re fine with it. Young Magic is a trio experimental band from Brooklyn. My interest back on them ignited when they released  their second music video. This video is for “Night In The Ocean”, which will be on Young Magic’s forthcoming album Melt via Carpark Records. Produced by Newfoundland Tack, the visuals in “Night In The Ocean” involves a switch of a lovely couple doodling on each other’s skin and mesmerizing scenes of the ocean. The vintage color edits compliment their heavily synth-ed tunes. Throughout the video, abstract shapes keep appearing and I’m not sure what that means. Do you? Watch the video below and get hooked.

Band Alert- The Yes Way


A couple weeks ago, Brooklyn’s The Yes Way premiered a music video for “Falter” at Cameo Gallery. The story of this video completely reconstructed my thoughts of this indie rock band. It takes us on a journey of a man seeking for a little more, in a dark naughty sense. Certain scenes are raunchy whereas certain scenes are a little depressing. Watch the video below and get a free download of this track at ExportAMusic.

The Yes Way \”Falter\”

Does a professional body whipper really exist in the Williamsburg community?

These guys will be performing next Monday at The Knitting Factory, December 19th. If you happen to be lurking around Metropolitan, stop by and catch their set. The evening is called “Rock Your Face Off!”. Show begins at 7, purchase tickets over here.

Also, take a visit to The Yes Way bandpage.

North Highlands

The new video from BK’s North Highlands is as perfect as I’d hoped. Subtle and delicately charming – just like singer Brenda Malvini’s voice. Malvini’s vocals are so open and clear, but jump from sweet to haunting in a matter of phrases, playing off of the track’s layers really well.

North Highlands is named after Malvini’s home town, North Highlands, CA, which Malvini has described as “a gnarly suburb trapped in time. It sounds like a beautiful name but it’s not a beautiful place.” Malvini came to NYC as a student at NYU, where she met the majority of North Highlands. The track “Benefits” is about “when you work hard your whole life and then it isn’t enough,” says Malvini. “You realize that and you just say fuck it and go dancing.” [via]

Cheers to that

Stream the new album Wild One here.

New Psychobuildings Video

Psychobuildings have a new video out by fellow Brooklynite, director Yoonha Park, who also directed the super gorgeous video for Washed Out’s, “Amor Fati.” Not only does Psychobuildings’ frontman Peter LaBier have some legit moves… but that spandex outfit might be the greatest.

Psychobuildings are having an EP release party at Glasslands this Sunday, Nov 13th with Papertwin, Modern Rivals, Robotdrummer, and MNDR (DJ set) Tickets here.

Psychobuildings: Terror Management from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.