Tasteless VMA posters featuring Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman spotted in Brooklyn


MTV is dumb, but not THIS dumb and has confirmed that the posters are fake. The VMA’s are this Sunday at the Barclays Center.

From DNA:

A host of controversial new street posters have popped up in Brooklyn, featuring the logo of the MTV Video Music Awards beneath a mashup of racy Kanye West lyrics and drawings of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

The hand-drawn-style posters, which features the MTV Video Music Awards logo next to a hash tag, “#VMA,” features drawings of two men, labeled “Trayvon” and “Zimmerman,” interspersed with paraphrased lyrics from Kanye West’s “New Slaves” — “He’d rather be a dick than a swallower.” [Read more…]

Is That Lana Del Rey In I Just Want My Pants Back?

lana pic via flickr

Is that Lana Del Rey on the cover of a fictional magazine in MTV’s I Just Want My Pants Back? No, probably not, considering the network shot that first episode in September 2010 when Lana was still Lizzy. But wouldn’t you readers have hated it if it was?

But seriously though, Lana did travel back in time to appear in the John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles.

Inside MTV’s New Show About Greenpoint Twenty-Somethings

This Thursday MTV will debut its new series, I Just Want My Pants Back, a scripted show about young twenty-somethings living in and around Greenpoint. The series is based on the 2007 book by David J. Rosen and a “sneak peak” of the pilot episode aired back in August. I got my hands on a press screener of three episodes. Here’s what to expect, spoiler-free.

The basic premise: Jason, a shaggy-haired guy a few years out of college meets a girl at a bar and takes her back to his one-bedroom off the Nassau G. They have a crazy night together and in the morning, she absconds with his pants. He’s hooked and becomes preoccupied with finding her, which distracts him from his job as a receptionist for a media company. (So far, minus the falling victim to pants thievery, this is my life.)

Jason’s sidekick is Tina, a foul-mouthed, crop-topped blonde who engages in some sexual misadventures of her own. There’s also Stacey and Eric, an interracial couple living together and going to grad school. The four characters have been friends since college.

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Check out this Sleigh Bells commercial

The latest in indie bands being used for in ads for dumb-looking things. MTV used Sleigh Bells “Kids” in an ad for it’s gross-looking new show “Skins.”

MTV Looking For Hipsters, Give Guidelines On How To Be One

Here’s a portion of a casting call looking for extras in a new show called I Just Want My Pants Bank. Well done, MTV.

If you are not sure if you can portray a hipster, answer these questions:

Do you own skinny jeans, old school chucks, cabbie hat, the 70’s vest, an ironic t shirt or hat, a fitted sweater, flannel shirt, or chunky lens-less glasses? Do you drink PBR, have an ironic mustache, have a blog that allows you to post pictures you took with your digital camera? Been called a hipster? Deny being a hipster, but own various wardrobe and sport an asymetrical hair style that is considered Non-Mainstream? Smoke Parliaments? Got any cool tattoos? Perhaps one of a star, maybe on your wrist or elbow? Own a vintage dress or have an awesome beard?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be starring in the pilot which shoots next week. Again, the name of that show is I Just Want My Pants Back. Really!?

Jersey Shore Audition Tapes

Richie Servillo Jersey Shore Audition Tape from dot commiez on Vimeo.

To think we are missing out on all this talent. More Jersey Shore Auditions tapes here.