Did this cute duck slow down your L Train commute this AM?

Officers captured and released “Presh” the duck, as Gothamist reports, after it hopped onto the L train tracks this morning. He was rescued from the tracks on the Jefferson L train stop without incident. He did not resist arrest and has since been released to Highland Park: [Read more…]

A woman was casually strolling on the Myrtle / Broadway J tracks this AM

In case your commute was delayed this morning, an emotionally disturbed woman was removed from the tracks just after 9AM. Thankfully, she appears to be alright, though the MTA hasn’t released any further details. More video below. [via Gothamist]

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Post your election anxieties at the 14th Street stop on the L

Because we KNOW you need to vent:

Hundreds left pastel-colored Post-it notes on the wall of a New York City subway stop on Wednesday, hours after Donald Trump was elected president.

Artist Levee started the project, known as “Subway Therapy,” years before Tuesday’s election, and has held sessions all over town. While he’s not a licensed therapist, Levee’s goal is to make people smile, laugh and feel less stressed. [Read more…]

At least there’s one bright side to the impending L train shutdown…

credit: gtrain.nyc

credit: gtrain.nyc

The MTA is finally going to improve service on the G. Given the inevitable surge in ridership it will face when the L gets shut down, we’re going to need the improvements:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority honchos will finally give the G train the attention straphangers have been demanding for years when they stop L train service to Manhattan for repairs in 2019. The agency will shower the green-eyed bullet with longer trains that come more frequently and free above-ground transfers during the upheaval, officials announced last week, and transit activists are riding high on the news.
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MTA displacing residents around the M train in Bushwick during repairs

mtrainshutdownWell, all of this train business just keeps getting worse.

BUSHWICK — Dozens of homes, a coffee shop and bike store along the M train line have to be vacated for between six and ten months, or even longer, during repairs to a section of the elevated tracks, according to MTA documents.

Twenty-six apartments along Myrtle Avenue, Broadway and Ditmars Street as well as the coffee shop and Asian fusion eatery Little MO and Harvest Cyclery have to be relocated, according to the MTA. Board members signed off on the relocations on March 21. [Read more…]

The MTA plans to reveal more info about proposed L train shut down in May


While officials have previously stated that the impending L train tunnel repairs/apocalypse won’t start until at least 2018, not much else is known about their plans. The MTA says they will meet with residents in a few weeks according to DNA info:

“We are working with the MTA to secure a location for the first town hall in Brooklyn,” said state Assemblyman Joseph Lentol. “We are hopeful that the town hall will take place in the first week of May.”

The public meeting is expected to be held in the evening so as many concerned commuters and business owners can attend as possible, staffers involved in its planning said.

“They intend to make recommendations to the community and ask for community feedback,” Lentol said.


Should the MTA connect the G train to the J/M/Z?

gtrain2With the L train tunnel repairs potentially coming in late 2018, the MTA has some major decisions to make. Whether the L train is shut down all at once, only on weekends, or half of the tunnel at a time, there are going to be many New Yorkers looking for new ways to get between North Brooklyn and Manhattan. Cartographer [Read more…]

The MTA sent a representative with no answers to the L train town hall meeting


This morning a town hall meeting was held at Brooklyn Bowl to discuss the potential L train shut down to fix the damage in the Canarsie Tunnel. The MTA’s representative was kicked out of [Read more…]