Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' Trailer

Love him or hate him, Michael Moore gets people talking. His new one is out Oct. 2.

In other news, we’re looking forward to Matt Taibbi’s assuredly epic healthcare smackdown in the upcoming Rolling Stone. Here’s a teaser.

Tarantino's Top 20 Movies Since 1992

I admit it. I’m a big Tarantino fan. I even loved Grindhouse and Jackie Brown. Still, this list is nothing less than bizarre. Friday? Speed? I’ll give Tarantino credit for his unique aesthetic, but does Team America really deserve to be on this list? And watching him get excited about Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan’s Unbreakable—I can’t bring myself to call him M. Night—is just a little uncomfortable.

What films did he leave out? List away in comments.


Brooklyn kiddos collectively filmed, cut and produced a film about smaller Brooklyn kiddos:

In New York City’s changing Lower East Side, a group of older Puerto Rican women are brought together with a group of inner city youths to create an original play from the stories of their lives. Over a twenty-week period, the participants confront stereotypes and examine their own histories, exploring themes of immigration, relationships, coming of age and growing older. Woven together, their stories take on new meaning, first as they are spoken across generations, and later when they are performed in a sold-out show.

I am impressed 12 filmmakers with 12 visions can come together to produce one film and am ready to have my heart melt all over the place by the finished product. Last showing during the Latino Film Festival is tomorrow and tickets are here.

Ticket Giveaway: Tickets to Animation Block Party

Rooftop is screening a night of animated films for the Animation Block Party this Friday at 8pm on the lawn of Automotive High School (next to McCarren).

Venue: On the lawn of Automotive High School
Address: 50 Bedford Ave. @ North 13th St. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Directions: L to Bedford Ave. or G to Nassau Ave.
Rain: In the event of rain the show will be held indoors at the same location
8:00PM: Doors open
8:30PM: Live music by Teengirl Fantasy, presented by Sound Fix Records
9:00PM: Film
10:30PM: Filmmaker Q & A
11:30PM-1:00AM: After-party: Open Bar at Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave. @ Driggs) Courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner
Tickets: $9 at the door or online
Presented in partnership with: 5 Gum ® , Cinereach, New York magazine, City Council Member David Yassky & Automotive High School

You can get tickets here, or just head over and comment on this facebook status for a chance at winning two tickets to the screening!

Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Documents the Apocalypse

The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective has a screening event at the Music Hall of Williamsburg this Friday night based entirely around the impending apocalypse. It’s called: The End!

There will be an apocalyptic screening of 20 short films produced by members of the collective and a special live performance by The Midnight Masses (features members of Dragon of Zynth and Trail of Dead).

After the jump, check out the promo video which absolutely confirms my suspicions that Bedford Walks was entirely organized by The Zombie Union to create an apocalyptic harvesting field for braaaaians..

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The July 2009 Movie Preview

by Dave Thomas
Comedy continues to dominate, with Big New Releases from Sacha Baron Cohen and Judd Apatow, though Harry Potter will pwn the month.
July 3
Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) vs. John Dillinger (Johnny Depp).
Gotta say I agree with the choice of director. Michael Mann (who co-writes) made his bones on cops and robbers. One of his co-writers, Ann Biderman, also has some good crime under her belt (Primal Fear, Copycat). Cast doesn’t exactly suck, with Billy Crudup, Marion Cotillard, Rory Cochrane and Lili Taylor thrown into the mix.
Early buzz is good.
It’s Purvis vs. Dillinger, not Batman vs. Jack Sparrow. Ice Age will pull any demo that might otherwise make that mistake. $78mil.
In case you were wondering, yes, they do have a plausible explanation for dinosaurs being around during the Ice Age. Well, an explanation, anyway.
Co-director of the original and director of the sequel is back, along with writers from the original plus Simpsons vet Mike Reiss. So there’s hope. Also Simon Pegg joins the voice cast, and that’s always fun.
Early buzz is meh.
Ice Age movies are only getting bigger grosses, but this is the first time they’ve launched in the summer. 2nd frame of Transformers is nothing to sneeze at, but at least there’s a cushion of a weekend before Harry Potter hits. $205mil.
How to Lose a Guy in Five Dates
Wasn’t Nia Vardolos just in a romantic comedy? This one has more in common with Big Fat Greek however, given that she wrote it and co-stars with her Greek co-star John Corbett. Also her directorial debut. And how they kept Judah Friedlander out of the trailer is beyond me. Vardolos penning the screenplay tips the odds in favor of not suck.

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Eugene Levy Needs to Fire His Agent

Meet Gooby! [via]


Ticket Giveaway: Rooftop Films First Williamsburg Summer Show

Rooftop Films‘ first Williamsburg show of the season is tomorrow night, with a special “carnival-like screening event” of No Impact Man on the lawn of Automotive High School, hosted in part by The Fledgling Fund. No Impact Man is a documentary directed by Laura Gabbert & Justin Schein which follows a local family with global implications, as they challenge themselves to make no environmental impact for one whole year.
Here’s a bit more on the carnival-like aspect of the event:

The lawn of Automotive High School will host a celebration of environmentally-friendly activities, as Rooftop Films and The Fledgling Fund utilize the screening of No Impact Man to engage audience members in making environmentally-friendly lifestyle commitments . There will be information about local foods, opportunities to volunteer in local environmental projects, composting demonstrations, ideas about reusing old products, and a demonstration of biodiesel cars from the students of our hosts at Automotive High School. Audience members who make personal video pledges to change aspects of their lifestyles will be entered into a raffle to win various prizes. The Hungry March Band, New York’s legendary political street brass march band will help create a festive atmosphere as they perform in the anarchic style that has become their trademark.

Buy tickets here, or if you’re feeling lucky visit our Facebook page and comment on our most recent update mentioning Rooftop Films for your chance at a pair of tickets.
Doors are at 7 tomorrow night (thurs), Sound Fix Records presents live music by The Hungry March Band at 8, the film is at 9 and the after-party is an open bar at Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave. @ Driggs) Courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner.
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