Adorable or terrifying man covers Williamsburg with flyers looking for missed connection

momoA man named George has been putting up flyers around Williamsburg looking for a lady who he met at Momofuku Milk Bar. George writes in the flyer (via Reddit) that the lady of his affection disappeared after their chance encounter so he decided to paper the [Read more…]

Eat The Dinner That Your Mother Never Let You Have

On January 16th, Williamsburg’s very own Momofuku Milk Bar will be hosting “Death by Dessert,” a multi-course, sugar-packed “pop-up dinner” that is sure to make the fat kid in all of us scream with joy. All you need is a sweet tooth and $125 to gain access to this cavity-inducing feast served up by a group of celebrated pastry chefs including Michael Laiskonis from Le Bernadin and Momofuku’s own Christina Tosi. The night starts with a reception of “passed savory canapés” and then moves into the kitchen for an intimate dinner consisting of two dessert dishes created by each of the six featured chefs that will incorporate “their personal favorite ingredients, techniques and ideas.”

Sure, $125 is a little steep for one night of stuffing your face with dessert, but the whole shebang is for a good cause. Net proceeds go to Share our Strength, a wonderful group that works to fight child hunger in America (oh, the irony!). And you know what they say- life’s too short not to eat artisanal desserts in mass quantities. Why not indulge a little now before the metabolism drops and the diabetes kicks in?

Dessert lovers and big spenders can reserve their spots here, but note that space is VERY limited.