Interview: Robert DeLong


Just because LA-based singer/songwriter/producer/DJ/Drummer Robert DeLong uses Microsoft Sidewinder controllers, Wii-motes and joysticks during his live shows, doesn’t make him a video game nerd. “I guess I grew up playing Super Nintendo,” DeLong says. “The only game I ever got good at was Tony Hawk Pro Skater II, and now I don’t play video games at all.” You’d never guess that was the case when peering at his elaborate setup, which includes integrated video content, equipment fit to please a world-class gamer and enough tricks up his sleeve to support the idea that he may be the illegitimate child of Inspector Gadget. But then again, I assume DeLong is full of surprises. His calm demeanor and attentive gaze had me assuming he was the quiet kid in class – smart and thoughtful, but his frequent bursts of laughter show he’s bound to undercut with cunning wit when least expected. [Read more…]

PHOTO FEILD TRIP: Wild Wild Wednesdays at Westway CMJ Edition!

Roxy Cottontail curated a behemoth of a CMJ showcase at Westway this week and our boy Nicky Digital was there to snap it up for you!

>> Click HERE to view the FULL Gallery!

P.S. Nicky’s got a showcase on Saturday night (10/20) and he said he’d put you ALL on the list! All you’ve gotta do is RSVP here! He’s even got a DOM exclusive CMJ LIVE SET!