FREE Download: Small Black’s Moon Killer Mixtape

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Small Black here, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting a new release to solidify our love and kick off our longing for next summer — but doused with reverb and hearbreak, the Moon Killer mixtape has us feeling less “let’s hit the beach” and more “it’s too cold to smoke on the fire escape.”

But it’s not all down-tempo introspection, we promise. In addition to the laid back flows from Heems of Das Racist this 11 track gem is, according to the band, “full of samples from and homages to songs we love and the city that we live in. Something we could never do on a record” — and there’s no better example than “Love’s Not Enough,” a track that’s worthy of hand-holding at the roller skate rink. Remixes from Phonetag and Star Slinger close out the record to remind us that after the winter, we’ve got sunshine to look forward to once again.

“After 2 years of non-stop recording and touring, this project was a chance to give people who’ve supported us something free to enjoy,” says the band, so download Small Black’s Moon Killer Mixtape here. And be sure to check them out at the Moon Killer Release Party at Glasslands on Friday, Nov. 18th!

True Blood Mixtape

HBO, in a moment of scheduling brilliance, passes the torch from Game of Thrones seamlessly to season four of True Blood this Sunday. In honor of some non-sparkling, all-for-premarital-sex vampires, Goddamn Cobras made a mixtape. And a gif.

Anyone know if Odyssea or Sweet Ups are holding viewing parties again?

True Blood Mixtape 01: Sookie Sulkin’ by Goddamn Cobras

Having a Sex Party This Weekend? We've Got Your Soundtrack…

From Behold The Destroyer:

In 1985, a rather unremarkable adult movie was released titled Sex Crimes 2084 — it was vaguely based on George Orwell’1984. While the book was about a state controlling its citizens through extreme measures and the nature of personal freedom, the movie was about people fucking. It wasn’t about people fucking in the future though, or people fucking in space, or people fucking aliens or robots or anything exciting you’d imagine an adult movie with 2084 in the title would have. This is a failure of imagination.

Thusly, I was inspired to create a mix that would serve as perfect accompaniment to a movie that did have all of those elements, a theoretical movie I call Sex Crimes 3084. Obviously, a soundtrack mix, to a non existent sequel of a poorly received twenty six year old porno, will be comprised of tracks explicitly about sex.

Download what is sure to creep out your girlfriend, but probably impress that hoe in the club here. And don’t worry, you’ll get your girlfriend back once she hears the first few notes of “Love You Down.”

Get Your Hump On With The Death Set Mixtape

From the lovely folks over at Mishka:

Those wacky Australian, now Brooklyn based funbags, The Death Set (changed spacing), have really gone and done it now.  This is an amazing 43-track party mix that will make for a great party but I wouldn’t put this on at a house party because it will turn into a whirling tornado of humping and grinding, bumping and jiving, slamming and sliding.

Don’t play this at a house party!? Puh-lease! I want to extend a special thanks to The Death Set kids for releasing the soundtrack to my birthday party just in time.

And if you want to get your hump on, swing by The Cove tonight to celebrate the release of Artificially Sweetened with open bars, a live performance, and DJ sets galore! Details after the jump…

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A Mixtape To Get Your Halloween On To

Forget all that gobbles and ghouls, “Monster Mash” type stuff you’re used to during every troublemaker’s favorite holiday and get on this Prøms Mixtape, properly named Frozen /rony, by our good friend Tommy Chase Lucas. It’s got the perfect balance of creepy gloom and dance beats to get you ready for a night as a street walker, or in my case, perfect painting your face music.

Here’s the track list:

Naissance des pieuvres / para one
Escape Before The Rain / how to dress well
La Rose / sleep over
Big Boy / balam acab
Violent Dreams / crystal castles
Sedsumting / oOoOO
Traxx / salem
Roses / white ring
Paradise City / blondes
The Cries / cosmetics
Someone Chasing Someone Through A House / umberto
Burn Me Out From The Inside / the sight below

Download the Prøms Frozen /rony Mixtape (along with all the previous ones) here.

Omri S. Quire's Second Annual Halloween FREE Mix Tape

Omri S. Quire

Get yourself into the Halloween spirit with Omri S. Quire‘s second annual FREE Halloween mix tape!

Click HERE to peep the track list and download the mix with over an hour worth of tunes that will take you on aural journey through the darkest hours of the day!

Download: Soundtrack to Your Summer

Download the Violens Summer Mixtape right now, because we can’t stop listening to it. And be sure to check them out on August 9th at Mercury Lounge with Nite Jewel.

Mishka Presents A Trillwave Mixtape; Unifies Hip Hop and Hipster

As the rain poured down outside my window, I started to get super bummed. I know the hot weather is lame too and we’ve all been complaining, but summer time is designed specifically to make you sweat. So as my melodramatic depression sunk in, along came Mishka with this “trillwave” mixtape to get me through.

The Hood Internet may be putting the hip hop in hipster, hitting all the spots that Girl Talk just can’t reach, by mixing some unexpected tracks– Ice Cube x CFCF, Birdman x Washed Out, Jay Electronica x Toro y Moi, what!? It’ll definitely get you ready to shake your ass in a lo-fi kind of way… whatever that means.

[h/t Behold the Destroyer]

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