New yacht video

The video is directed by a longtime YACHT fan, Mitchell Davis. Claire Evans of YACHT explains, “Mitchell is a longtime supporter of YACHT; we first became aware of him when he started using our music in his YouTube video-blogs (vlogs, in the parlance of the medium). We were fascinated by what he was doing, sought him out, and eventually became friends, despite our geographical separation. Mitchell made a handful of vlogs about his experiences at YACHTconcerts over the years before we invited him out to Portland, Oregon, to direct the music video for, “I Walked Alone,” a song about cyclical interconnectedness. It was really important to us to have a fan involved in the visual direction of the band; as children of the Internet age, we know that connection, self-empowered media-making, and a collective spirit are the most positive tools we have.”

Wow the internet is so cool/weird.