Where do New Yorkers most experience ‘Missed Connections’ ?

The place where New Yorkers most often have Craigslist ‘Missed Connections’ is the subway of course! I’ll even venture a guess that they happen on the L train more than any other line. Thanks to a study Dorothy Gambrell put together for Psychology Today we have a fascinating overview of national Craigslist habits. While we know New Yorkers ‘miss’ each other on the subway, what about the rest of America? How about gas stations in Colorado, 24-Hour Fitness in California, driving your car in Georgia, and McDonald’s in Kansas. For a whopping 15 states the answer is Walmart (Sigh). What’s bad news for straight dudes is 59% of searches are men looking for women, while only 13% of searches are women looking for men. But hey, that basically sums up the Internet/life right?


Coco66 Missed Connections and The Art of Remembering to Exchange Digits

Missed Connections are usually just that, missed connections. When one sad and lonely loverboy or girl feel like there may have been some sparks in the air, hoping that the true love they met while too drunk to remember to introduce themselves may be scouring the internet in hopes to find said person’s declaration of lust.

Well in this case, Brooklyn’s own “Dennis Rodman” may have found her lucky one. She writes:

met at coco66. you liked my rodman bulls jersey.
we talked about how the mc sucked, how it was straightup brostep at times.. then about public policy, mixed used development, rent-controlled housing.
we grabbed burritos and tequila at paquitos. you didnt eat your food
we got a cab back to my apt in williamsburg on Bedford.
i think we were too drunk to remember to get each other’s number.

Well, you’re in luck Dubstep princess, he thinks you’re awesome too. Now let’s cross our fingers and hope these two find each other once more. And remember, when you’re out there trying to get it in with the same person twice… you might want to exchange phone numbers in the morning.

Ponce Funeral Home: A Short Story by a "Failing Fiction Writer," Craigslist Poster and Part-Time Mover

Frankie Leone is a 25-year-old native New Yorker who lives in a graffiti-covered warehouse building “in the center of all the beautiful new ones” on Kent Avenue.

He writes fiction, but what he’s most passionate about are his interpretations of his own experiences with women — the best of which he saves for Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

That’s where I found him, the author behind a well-written listing titled, “I’m the incompetent workman you hired a month or two ago.” I told him we’d like to publish a piece on FREEwilliamsburg. He said he’d be honored.

“I’m simultaneously horribly ashamed and sickeningly proud that I’ve done this before,” Frankie told us. “Fucked up with women terribly, captured it in text, and posted it on missed connections.”

He admitted he never thought anything would come from posting them on Craigslist but the entertainment he gets “reading the judgement/commentary of strangers and masturbating my warped romantic ideals.”

Here’s “Ponce Funeral Home”:

“Ponce Funeral Home” by Frankie Leone

You can find Frankie on Facebook or MySpace. He runs Nice Moves Movers, a small moving business that’s gotten some local internet interest because of a flyer. They’re on Yelp, where they’re said to be, “Very sweet personable guys. Easy to coordinate with, easy to talk to. Handled my stuff with care, perk is they were cute.”

Recapping the Weekend in Missed Connections: A Lonely Heart, Another Fucking Hipster, and Love at Northside Fest

So many chances at love this past weekend, yet so many missed connections. The past few days have seen a surge in close encounters as Northside Festival-goers met eyes, hipsters bought iPads, and a man with a luscious beard rocked one lucky lady’s world. Here’s a quick recap of your weekend’s missed connections. Go forth and find your loves.

I Was Crying in McCarren, You Approached (WFM)link

It’s warming to see kindness still exists in this sometimes cold-blooded city, as evident by this listing from a 20-year-old girl. She, the poster, found herself sitting alone, crying into her iPod on an otherwise joyful day in McCarren Park, when you approached and simply asked, “Are you alright?” She wasn’t, but your question helped her feel “a little less alone.” Nice job. Best the part is, your buddy answered her ad, writing, “I was sitting in the same group as the guy who approached you. All of us in that group has been in the same situation. We have all felt lost and alone. It’s a painful place to be. Keep your head up.”

“Portland” tattoo at Les Savy Fav (WFM)link

Do you have a tattoo that says “Portland” on your right arm? Do you also work for the Northside Festival or L Magazine? Have you ever considered removing your right arm because of a “Portland” tattoo, which I think you should do? If so, you’re in luck! This poster is a girl who worked the festival as a photographer for an unnamed music publication. She thinks you’re adorable and wishes she said hello. Give her a shout and see what lies beneath the press badge. [Read more…]