Entitled nouveau riche Williamsburgers paying 4k a month to make friends and attend sober raves at Pure House commune


credit: Pure House

The existence or Pure House and similar properties in this city is enough to make any sensible New Yorker want to pull his/her hair out. The Times covered this communal living phenomenon a few weeks ago and now Curbed has more:

Communal living is not for everyone, but it’s quite the rage right now, with new cooperative apartment buildings popping up everywhere, it seems. Pure House in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighb’ (where else?) is one such space, promising to curate and bring together like-minded people. [Read more…]

What Happens When A Gaggle Of Bushwick Hipster Millennials Take Over A Lovely Victorian Mansion?

It becomes a party house called the “Trip House.” Yep, this beautiful house in Bushwick, which dates back to the 1890s…

Now looks like this, thanks to a bunch of clueless Bushwick asshats…

Paper has more disturbing pictures here. Way to go people! This is why we can’t have nice things anymore.

According to our concerned property-snob pals at Brownstoner, they name it the Trip House and throw huge parties, where the guests get to tagging. “A remarkably intact 1890 Queen Anne in Bushwick that was a Building of the Day in 2010 has turned up in party pictures on Paper Magazine’s web site,” the blog notes, mouth agape at the house’s condition and its steal of a $275,000 sale this year. “We fear for the future of the building, whose otherwise pristine original bead board walls, fireplaces, wainscotting and other 1890s details have been marred by graffiti at the hands of party-goers.”
Although the site notes, “We don’t mean the art, but rather the stray spray paint on non-painted surfaces, such as mirrors,” the panic is palpable — and the walls are covered.

More disturbing pics c/o Paper:

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