N.Y. Voter Turnout Sucks


According to unofficial returns, New York’s voter turnout was the lowest in the country this year. It was lower this past midterm than in the past 30 years. C’mon New Yorkers. Sure, the Republicans put up a joke of a ticket this year, even though two Senate seats and the governorship were up for grabs, but that is still no excuse. We had so many exciting, or at least, interesting candidates to choose from for Governor this year, and the Tea Partiers kept things entertaining. According to the Times:

“…about 40 percent of registered New Yorkers voted on Nov. 2. But an analysis by the United States Election Project at George Mason University found that only 32.1 percent of the 13.4 million who were eligible — citizens 18 and older who are not convicted felons — actually voted.”

Midterm turnout is always lower than in Presidential elections, but I hope more people are paying attention come 2012. Oh well, we are only in the middle of war and economic turmoil. Fuck it, meet me at BCC for a Super-Size.