New MGMT: ‘Your Life Is A Lie’


MGMT Drummer Birthday Party: Open Bar Tonight At New Bushwick Venue, Delinquency




MGMT’s drummer Will Berman is celebrating his birthday tonight — and everyone is invited.

The soon-to-open venue Delinquency, a colorful newly renovated space on Grand Street by the Bushwick border, is hosting a free party and concert with three bands and an open bar starting at 8 p.m…

Tonight’s concert — which also celebrates Saverance’s 28th birthday — comes after years of scheming to open a venue in the Bushwick area, Saverance said, who joined forces with his two best friends Julian Vigoroux and Landon Webb after they worked in different bars in the Lower East Side and hosted DIY events in Brooklyn.

“Our space is a warehouse that had been gutted and was empty for 40 years,” Saverance said of the space on 1031 Grand St., which he claimed was the first air conditioning factory in the United States.
The bands playing tonight include Kings of Belmont and Zach Mexico’s Latest Side Project, according to the venue’s site.

More information here.

UPDATE: DOM is headlining:

Kings Of Belmont


MGMT cover The Rolling Stones’ “Angie”

Lykke Li, MGMT, and Antony Cover Fleetwood Mac

Via East Village Radio

As we noted last week, there’s a whole hullabaloo going on in regards to Fleetwood Mac. No, the band’s not back together, but there are a great number of new and established talents who’ve joined forces for tribute compilation and we’re beginning to hear the first outputs. Best Coast’s live rendition of Rhiannon was, um, heard earlier this week, but we’re more amped on a few n00bs that are streaming today. MGMT goes for a 9-minute weirdo psych vocoder version of Future Games, Swedish chanteuse Lykke Li tugs at the heartstrings on Silver Springs and Antony provides a simply straight-forward and crisp take on Landslide.

Pre-order Just Tell Me What You Want: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

Watch Ill Fits Perform “Blood & Devotion” Live

Do you ever play that game with your friends where you each build your dream band and deep in your heart Morrissey is the perfect lead singer for a band that features Prince on guitar, Paul McCartney on bass, and Phil Collins on drums and swagger? Ill Fits is kind of like that but way more Brooklyn. Made up of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and members of MGMT, Amazing Baby, and Foreign Islands they have have enough pedigree to win at least four Westminster Dog Shows. Below is a video of them ripping through their single, “Blood & Devotion”

If you want to see these shining faces in person, they are playing Mercury Lounge on Wednesday with Citay, Ladybug Transistor, and The Echo-Friendly.

(Full Disclosure: I work with the team that produced these videos)

Video: MGMT's "Congratulations" Tearjerker