Video: The NYC version of ‘La La Land’

A parody video of the overly Oscar nominated La La Land came out today thanks [Read more…]

Shake Shack is in talks to open a Williamsburg location

shakeShake Shack’s newest location could very well be right here in Williamsburg according to a report from [Read more…]

A Giant Sinkhole Opened at Driggs and Metropolitan


On Wednesday, New York Magazine reported a sinkhole “6 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet deep” opened up on Driggs between Metropolitan Ave. and North 4th St. Luckily, no cars, cyclists, pedestrians, or intergalactic bounty hunters were sucked into the gaping pit.

Officials from the Department of Environmental Protection said a ruptured sewer line was the culprit. As of Thursday, the hole has only gotten bigger as workers open it up to fix whatever’s broken down there.

DEP officials expect the street to be closed until at least 3 P.M. on Thursday.


L Train signs at Metropolitan/Lorimer accidentally switched

l switch

Look closely at the picture above. Notice anything…out of place? That’s the passage leading to the L train in the Metropolitan/Lorimer subway stop in Williamsburg. Most of us don’t need the signs telling us which train goes to Manhattan and which one barrels out into Canarsie.

Some people do need those signs, however, which is why it’s notable that they’re switched in the picture. The left passage actually leads to the Manhattan-bound track, and the right to Brooklyn. Who switched them? Unclear, but it caused some commuter consternation. According to the observant photographer, Astrid Anderson:

I took the train at 830 AM, but I think it was up until the late afternoon. I went to the actual Manhattan side and waited for the train. Everyone was looking extremely confused. When the train came on my side, a bunch of people on the other side started freaking out and tried to run back to the other side.
My friend took another photo around 4 PM & someone had simple stuck a post-it on one sign saying “this is wrong”.

Here’s Astrid’s friend’s photo with the post-it note:


The signs were fixed as of Tuesday evening.


Nighthawk Cinema + Booze = Heaven

Nighthawk Cinema

After all our complaints about wanting a movie theater in Williamsburg (in addition to IndieScreen) we can finally rejoice that not only has a theater opened that plays indie first run films, but also serves booze! Nighthawk Cinema officially opens this weekend with showings of Midnight in Paris, The Trip, and Submarine. Zagat has the full scoop on the theater.

“There are tables between every two seats, complete with drinks holders, and you can place written orders from a waiter throughout the flick. The drink list contains options that are themed around movies, while the food options range from homemade beef jerky to watermelon salad. If you don’t want to stay for a show, there is a bar area that is open to the public as well.”

Tickets are $11, and the food is all prepared by Chef Saul Bolton who won a Michelin star for his restaurant Saul on Smith Street. Here’s a peek at the whole menu.

Nighthawk Cinema; 136 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY; 718.963.2917

Smoke Monster Rolls Up Metro [VIDEO]

Saw this truck pulling up Metropolitan Ave. this morning, clearly on the verge of either exploding or just breaking down. The Goods Truck’s burgers are tastin’ extra smokey this morning!

Attack Outside Metropolitan Bar

From our mailbag:

my friend dave, a guy from nebraska, was leaving the metropolitan bar in our neighborhood this weekend, he was about two blocks from the bar on a corner when some guys jumped him. i’m not exactly sure what happened but it seems like there was a woman with them who said something to dave to distract him and then he was jumped from behind. he never saw his attackers. they kicked him and punched him while calling him a faggot the whole time. after the beating they stole his stuff (i’ve been told the stealing part seemed like an afterthought). he was in the hospital for a few days and had to have reconstructive surgery on the right side of his face as he had many broken bones. he is in good spirits and is now out of the hospital.

the guys that beat him up used his credit card to buy a subway ticket so there may be a photo of them, but it may be hard to prosecute them because dave didn’t see them, although he probably could identify the woman that was with them.

Let us know if you saw anything. Oh, and be careful guys!