Have you seen this man? Bushwick fashion designer missing since Saturday.


Jay Ott, a fashion designer who lives in Bushwick, has been missing since Saturday, March 22, 2014. He was last seen at the McKibben Lofts, where he lives. If you have seen him, call Detective Thomas Pisano at (718)-963-5368.


Crime Wave at McKibben Lofts

McKibben has never been the cleanest or most idyllic residence in all of New York. But at least it was home and you could go to a party and have tye-dye parties, and you could feel relatively safe there. Unfortunately, there has been a string of violent crimes hitting the lofts lately. According to Gothamist.

gun-toting robbers have started breaking into the apartments, robbing tenants of their expensive toys: “Give me all your stuff, I have a gun, I shoot people,” said one robber before snagging his victim’s laptops, cellphones, iPods and Xbox games. In the past two weeks, there have been three robberies within the building, plus another mugger who stole a woman’s iPhone in front of the building as she was coming home from work.

Stay safe everyone!