A sentimental flashback: McCarren Pool

We miss McCarren Pool as a place to see bands.

McCarren Park Pool ca. 1982

You are curious as to what Williamsburg looked like in the early and gritty 80’s? In his 1983 exploitation classic ‘Vigilante‘, director William Lustig shot a major chase scene at  McCarren Park Pool. Other neighbor locations that can be seen in the movie are McGuniness Boulevard (definitely) and the Kent Street area (I think). Vigilante has recently been released on Blu-Ray by Blue Underground. I highly recommend renting or purchasing this stellar disc. Below is a video excerpt of the chase scene at the pool.

Cache of 1980's-era Graffiti Discovered in McCarren Pool Locker Rooms

photo c/o LTV

A blogger found their way into McCarren Pool locker rooms before they were gutted and discovered a treasure trove of graffiti dating to the 1980’s. They’re calling it “the most impressive graffiti discovery of 2010, period.”

LTV Blog writes:

All of the graffiti you see here (well, with one or two exceptions) was done inside the locker rooms of the pool during the 1980s. The date range of these tags runs from 1983 to approximately 1987. It is rather easy to conclude that during the years immediately after the pool was closed, the entire site was completely abandoned – doors left open, and vandals taking full advantage. At some point in the late 80s the buildings were sealed up with concrete and reinforced iron. From that point on, even while the exterior of the building became an illegal graffiti haven, no other graffiti artists gained access to the locker rooms.

Up top is just one of ten photos they posted. You can view the rest here.

Big h/t to Animal for pointing us to LTV, which is now securely set in my RSS reader.

Update: Damn. These guys also found their way into a network of underground McCarren Pool tunnels (!!!) and shot another batch of graffiti there. Check that out here.