PHOTO GALLERY: Catalpa//NYC Music Festivus!

Despite the horrific weather, Catalpa NYC, the little festival that could, and did, was great for it’s first year!

Underwater photographer Event photographer Nicky Digital was there to catch the sunniest moments with Snoop Dogg, Girl Talk, Matt & Kim, A$AP ROCKY and more! [Read more…]

Matt and Kim played Fallon

Maybe Matt and Kim are a little too saccharine for some people. But there is something completely endearing and infectious about how much fun these two are always having and how much they are constantly smiling. So, as long as they are putting out positive vibes into the world, I am going to keep loving it. They dropped by Jimmy Fallon last night, climbed on top of their instruments, and brought their Sidewalks jam “Block After Block.”

Also, Kim left this note for Neil Patrick Harris, who will be appearing on the show tonight. Cute!

Matt & Kim Mob NYC

Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim are known for their wild New York-centric music videos, and their latest, “Block After Block,” doesn’t disappoint. The band, accompanied by a roving moshpit, created flash mobs all over the city, taking over an intersection in Chinatown, a bodega in Queens, a subway car, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Though they definitely broke some laws laws in this video, authorities should be happy that they at least managed to keep their clothes on this time.

Matt and Kim DJ under the stars

The Fader’s One Step Beyond series at the Museum of Natural History is a lot of fun. It’s a blast listening to great music, looking up and seeing the stars (even if they are artificial), looking to your left and seeing an actual meteor that fell to earth, partying in the museum. I always kind of feel like I’m going to bump elbows with an astrophysicist at any moment.

Tonight, Matt and Kim will headline the event with a DJ set. If they are as good at DJing as they are at smiling and providing positive energy, then everyone is in for a treat. Hopefully they will toss that banging Mike D remix of “Sidewalks” into the mix.

Opening for them are Araabmuzik, Nacey and Activaire DJs. Billed as “The Best Museum Party in NYC,” let’s hope it lives up to its name. Tickets are $25, but that includes a trip to come back to the museum when you sober up.

Mike D remixed Matt and Kim

Ever think to yourself, “Sure, Matt and Kim are great if I want to sit around smiling all day, but what if I want to shake my ass?” I think Beastie Boy Mike D thought that. Which is why he offered up this remix of Sidewalks standout track “Cameras.” It really gets at the immediacy of the song’s lyrics – such a driving beat and booty-bopping synths makes you think there really might not be time for cameras, and that we really do need to make sure we are enjoying the party as it’s happening. With this on repeat, that won’t be that hard. Thanks, Mike!
Matt & Kim – Cameras (Mike D Remix) by mattandkim

New Matt & Kim "Cameras"

Matt & Kim have never given us a reason to dislike them. They run around naked. They are super appreciative of their fans and every type of success they have. I am sure they have never not been smiling. And so, of course, the first single off the upcoming  album Sidewalks, does not disappoint. “Cameras” is cheery, bouncy, tinged with horns and synths, and it declares that life is for living not for worrying about documenting! I’m sure twitpics are still cool, though. Am I right?

Listen to the song at the band’s Facebook or at 107.7 The End’s website. (Remember when the Real World worked at that radio station?)

[VIDEO] Matt and Kim at Siren Music Festival 2010 "Lessons Learned/Yea Yeah"

Matt and Kim – Siren 2010 – Lessons Learned/Yea Yeah from Big Ass Lens on Vimeo.

Big Ass Lens explains the gonzo nature of the video:

The decision to go gonzo with our coverage this year was not without it’s problems. Barely half way through the crowd, we were accosted by an older fellow who looked a bit out of place among the sea of Wayfarer sporting hipsters, who wanted us to move so badly that things got physical. The Big Ass Lens crew had to regulate and fisticuffs nearly erupted, but camera and crew came out unscathed as we threw more bows and pushed ahead. Having settled into a prime spot, it soon became apparent that there would be no way remain unharmed in the bonkers dance party that was occurring in all directions around us. Even after moving, it was still hella rough to keep a steady frame, but we ended up going wide on a lot of the shots to give you a sense of the madness that broke loose during some of Matt and Kim’s more animated tracks.