Weirdo Stuff! Gutboy: A Badtime Story Screening



A dark comedy marionette musical made in Williamsburg will be screening at 9:00 this Sunday at Planeta (295 E. 8th St., Manhattan, just off the 1st Ave L.)

Gutboy is the weirdest movie you’re liable to see this year. In an age of over-serious assembly-line blockbusters it’s refreshing and fun and unexpected. It’s about a guy who accidentally sells his skin, and the fun he has enacting revenge on his oppressors. Along the way we meet mermaids, witches, corrupt cops, and a singing chorus of sex-workers.

Before the film, psychic services will be provided by the Canarsie Board of Community Standards. Card readings of various occult decks, as well as an obscure Bohemian form of divination will be practiced, as well as the buying and selling of nightmares.

Free wine and cookies will be available while they last! [Read more…]