Gillian Hills – Zou Bisou Bisou

This makes us even more uncomfortable than the version on last night’s Mad Men:

From The Daily Beast

Roughly translated, “zou” is a casual exclamation and “bisou” is a sweet kiss—a peck on the cheek to say hello and goodbye. So the lyrics hash out to:

Oh! Kiss kiss / My God, they are sweet! / …Oh! Kiss kiss / the sound of kisses /…Oh! Kiss kiss /…That means, I confess / But yes, I love only you!

Watch Mad Men At Nitehawk Tonight

AMC’s Mad Men returns tonight from it’s 17-month hiatus. If you don’t have cable or just want to watch with a room full of fans, Nitehawk Cinema will be screening the season premiere. The event starts at 8pm (2-hour episode starts at 9) and there will be drink specials.