Luksus is closing this month

Luksus, via Yelp

Luksus, via Yelp

Last week we lost Cubana Social. Now Luksus, which recently received another Michelin star, is set to close on December 31.

Don’t freak out beer snobs, Torst will remain open. Chef Daniel Burns says closing is a “a creative choice” and that he wants to “try something new” and “celebrate what we did for the time that we did it.”

The Michelin-starred restaurant from chef Daniel Burns will be serving its final meals on December 31. Burns, an alum of Noma and Momofuku’s culinary lab, will be moving onto other projects in the new year, starting with chef collaboration dinners overseas at places like Omnivore in Paris. [Read more…]

Northside restaurant update: openings, closings and four Michelin stars


Le Fond, credit: Urban Daddy

First, the bad news. Free Williamsburg favorite Potlikker has shuttered. Maybe it was the prices — they could be a tad spendy– but we loved the food and vibe. We hope Liza Queen (who previously ran Queen’s Hideaway in Greenpoint) finds a new home. We miss her food already.

The generally well-received Potlikker on Williamsburg’s Southside appears to be closed for good. The phone number for the Bedford Avenue restaurant is disconnected, Open Table is no longer facilitating reservations, the establishment was locked up tight over the weekend, and the reliable neighborhood Thai restaurant Khao Sarn has announced plans to relocate into the space in November.
Liza Queen, a talented chef and restaurateur known for her trailblazing Greenpoint restaurant Queen’s Hideaway, opened Potlikker in 2012 with high hopes and a 14 year lease. The reviews were mostly positive, though some felt the menu was overpriced. (It wasn’t cheap.) Queen has not responded to our email requesting comment about the closure, but this hilariously strange Yelp review suggests Potlikker’s been closed since July.

Le Fond, a so-called “Neo Bistro” (whatever the hell that means) is now open in Greenpoint. You can take a peek at their menu here. Urban Daddy has more pictures and we can’t wait to try it. Greenpointers was impressed:

The menu features good-looking starters such as marinated mussels with white beans, tomato confit and fennel, and rabbit terrine with apple mustard, hazelnuts and toast. Mains include a daube de bouef with red wine glazed vegetables, and hake with sherry caper vinaigrette and black lentils. There’s also a griddled burger with dill relish and French fries if you’re in line for something a little more American.
When I visited at the weekend I tried the skate with carrot browned butter puree, fennel and lemon parsley sauce. It was superb, with the anise flavor of the fennel playing deliciously against the sweet carrot and the slightly salty, perfectly cooked skate wings. I also had a beautifully moist almond cake with poached pears and a salted caramel sauce.

In other news, four Northside restaurants were awarded Michelin stars! [Read more…]

Budin opened today in Greenpoint Little Scandinavia


Budin – 114 Greenpoint Ave.

The Viking invasion continues. First there were the Scandinavian Torst and Luksus, followed by Dirck the Norseman, Konditori and Aska. (Ok, Aska is technically on the border of Greenpoint). Now, Budin is open, serving up its own blend of “high-end Scandinavian roasts“:

The $7 latte is here. The Nordic coffeehouse Budin opens this morning in Greenpoint, vending a variety of high-end Scandinavian roasts, including a licorice latte that retails for seven bucks.

“It’s the same thing as specialty beer or wine tasting,” said Budin co-owner Crystal Pei of his cafe’s high-end selection. “It’s a niche people are getting into.”

Not all of Budin’s brews are so expensive. Average joes can get a regular cup of joe for $2. But the fancy Scandinavian roasts from names renowned among the coffee cognoscenti — including Tim Wendelboe from Norway, Coppe from Sweden, and Drop Coffee, also from Sweden — are pricey. Pei says it is worth the money.

“Their roast is lighter and the flavor profile is different,” said Pei, of the northern European varieties.

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Alan Richman visits Greenpoint: discovers frat boys at Luksus, bumpkins at Alameda, and compares it to Portland


GQ has discovered Greenpoint and sent food writer Alan Richman to sample some of its newer restaurants. According to Richman, the neighborhood “looks remarkably like Portland” (um, no) and notes that the “next wave of gentrification is going to hit like a crane falling out of the sky” (sadly true).

On Luksus:

Luksus is actually the world’s tiniest beer hall, seating twenty-six customers, almost all of them men who think they’re at an NFL tailgate party. At least it was that way the night I stopped in. The climactic moment in male verbal madness came courtesy of a guy at the far end of the room who shrieked to his pals, “Who doesn’t like fried chicken?” A hapless woman at the adjoining table had her arm pressed against her ear, futilely trying to create a barrier between herself and the thunderous foursome. By the way, no fried chicken was served at this meal.

The food was from time to time very good. Mostly, it was uneven. The black bread and the main course were mesmerizingly wonderful. The pace of the meal was excruciatingly slow. You’ve heard of the Chinese water torture. This was the Danish beer torture. The chef and his two assistants worked briskly in a brightly lit open kitchen, but they simply couldn’t get the food out fast enough. Allow me to summarize the situation: I was engulfed in man-yells, unable to converse, waiting eternally for food, trying to find meaning in a variety of beers. The best part of the experience was the service, or maybe I was just unduly relieved to see someone appear with a dish or a bottle…. [Read more…]

Torst Set To Open Its (Overpriced) Restaurant Luksus Tonight In Greenpoint

Lamb breast with marble potatoes, sunchokes, and lamb's tongue. Photo: Melissa Hom

Lamb breast with marble potatoes, sunchokes, and lamb’s tongue.
Photo: Melissa Hom

And like Torst, it is WAY too expensive. There’s a market for this in Williamsburg, but Greenpoint (sigh) probably needs another six months to get this bourgeois.

Chef Daniel Burns, who innovated with various lactobacilli and spores at Momofuku’s fermentation-centric test kitchen and previously ran the pastry program at Noma, has finally got his Danish modern nook in order at the back of Tørst on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. Luksus has been in friends-and-family mode during the last week, and online reservations for the 26-seat tasting-menu-based restaurant are already fairly booked. There are, however, lots of reasons why you may want to grab your seat now.

The menu, served Tuesdays through Fridays, is $75, with an eclectic $45 beer pairing devised by Evil Twin brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and the Tørst team. Following the format served at restaurants like Mugaritz and Atera, the meal begins with three snacks, followed by four main dishes. The opening menu includes a salad made from little gem or baby romaine lettuce roasted with the roots intact, which is served with egg yolk, roasted mushrooms, and pea broth.

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