Dewey Decibel – “Love”

I have friends all over the place. Philadelphia was my stomping ground while in college. I touch base with my people a few times a week. Particularly my boy John F and a lovely lady by the name of Ruth. On multiple occasions the name Dewey Decibel has come up. I was actually eating brunch a while back with the owner of Bold New Breed Records Rick Friedrich and he had mentioned Dewey as well.

On my lunch break one of my friends randomly sent me a video. It was none other than Dewey Decibel. Now that it was front and center I had to take the time to listen. I’m not one to believe the hype of anything until I listen for myself. I definitely agree, dude has skills. Wish I took the time to listen a while ago. Judge for yourself. This track is called “Love” by Dewey Decibel. I’ll keep you posted the next time he’s in NYC. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Recapping the Weekend in Missed Connections: Overlooking That "want-free-red-bull-in-the-middle-of-the-day thing"

Let’s make some love.

Saw you at Summerscreen at McCarren – w4m – 24 (Williamsburg)link

You left work a tad early last Wednesday, excited to snag a good spot for the first Summerscreen screening of the summer. Cusack wasn’t on yet (the film was Say Anything), so you went to grab a Sixpoint. You didn’t know it, but when you were in line, there was a girl behind you. She, the poster, is 24 and was wearing a blue and white romper with polka dots. Later, she sat directly in front of you during the movie. You left early, you dimwit, so she’s hoping for a second chance. [ed: related]

Bartender at M Shanghai Bistro – w4m – 27 (Williamsburg, BK)link

Ah, bartender love. One of the perks of the job, right? Or maybe you don’t sleep with customers? Anyways, Mr. New Haircut, one of your customers at M Shanghai Bistro is pretty into you. She’s got long brown hair and, last time she was in, who knows how long ago, she wore a red dress. Doesn’t really narrow it down much, but if you play this right, you’re probably in!

Red Bull Girl – m4w – 25 (Williamsburg)link

After losing your job in publishing last winter, you faced a difficult choice: move back in with your parents in Jersey or become a Red Bull girl in New York City. Sure, it was easy, but did you know the wings you were giving out might be Cupid’s? Some guy who bugged you for a can last weekend at Beacon’s Closet thinks you’re beautiful and wants to buy you dinner. Don’t hold that “want-free-red-bull-in-the-middle-of-the-day thing” against him.

Caitlin, we met at Blackbird Friday night. – m4w – 24 (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)link

Hey Caitlin, you damn barstool thief, listen up. Remember that guy, Chris, at Blackbird on Friday who was acting all weird and left early? Yea, just your luck, he’s into you. What’s with these guys? In his defense though, he was sick. So maybe here’s to second chances.

Blonde Pinball Player at Satellite Lounge – m4w (Williamsburg)link

You, lady of the night, playing pinball all alone at Satellite Lounge the other night. Some guy wants you to know you’re lovely. “Absolutely lovely.”

were you autistic or something? L train – m4w – 28 (williamsburg)link

This could’ve been cute, but instead winds up being just plain offensive. You’re a cute white girl in the neighborhood who gets around with metal forearm crutches. On Saturday some guy told you “You can totally be anything you want in the world. You could even be our next black president.” Well, it’s America, and it’s time to get shitfaced and make love. Just don’t do it with this guy because he sounds like a pretty terrible human being.

tacos and tandem (kyle) – m4m – 25 (bushwick)link

Hey Kyle, you bumped into the same guy at tacos and then later, Tandem, and now, he wants your digits. Keep your eyes peeled at the taco place. He’ll be there, dripping with sour cream.

Amanda at Dream Machine last night – m4w – 26 (Williamsburg)link

Hey Amanda with the sexy dress: stop smoking! This poster just wants you to know he hates to see someone so beautiful slowly killing themselves. Cut it out.

Witnessing the Transition Between a Missed Connection and a Made Connection

It started with this listing, Woman I totally crush on – m4w – 26 (Williamsburg), posted early yesterday morning on what must’ve been a whim inspired by a heart-crippling bout of late-night drunken loneliness:

I like you so much. We both know you’re older than me, and I sort of know it’s kind of odd but I can’t help but think, shit, why the fuck not? I see you all the time and you have the prettiest smile that just makes my day. You are almost always alone and you don’t have a ring on.

I feel like we’re both seven year old kids when we talk. I just clearly do not have the nerve to let my feelings be known.

You’re taller than me, you wear a funny coat in the winter, you wear sunglasses that are totally not you and it’s adorable

I don’t expect it, but it would be quite a thing if you felt the same way.

He didn’t expect it, but perhaps she did. Late last night, somebody responded with a rather particular inquiry:

[Read more…]

Recapping the Weekend in Missed Connections: A Lonely Heart, Another Fucking Hipster, and Love at Northside Fest

So many chances at love this past weekend, yet so many missed connections. The past few days have seen a surge in close encounters as Northside Festival-goers met eyes, hipsters bought iPads, and a man with a luscious beard rocked one lucky lady’s world. Here’s a quick recap of your weekend’s missed connections. Go forth and find your loves.

I Was Crying in McCarren, You Approached (WFM)link

It’s warming to see kindness still exists in this sometimes cold-blooded city, as evident by this listing from a 20-year-old girl. She, the poster, found herself sitting alone, crying into her iPod on an otherwise joyful day in McCarren Park, when you approached and simply asked, “Are you alright?” She wasn’t, but your question helped her feel “a little less alone.” Nice job. Best the part is, your buddy answered her ad, writing, “I was sitting in the same group as the guy who approached you. All of us in that group has been in the same situation. We have all felt lost and alone. It’s a painful place to be. Keep your head up.”

“Portland” tattoo at Les Savy Fav (WFM)link

Do you have a tattoo that says “Portland” on your right arm? Do you also work for the Northside Festival or L Magazine? Have you ever considered removing your right arm because of a “Portland” tattoo, which I think you should do? If so, you’re in luck! This poster is a girl who worked the festival as a photographer for an unnamed music publication. She thinks you’re adorable and wishes she said hello. Give her a shout and see what lies beneath the press badge. [Read more…]

Morgan Avenue Station: Best Place in NYC to Fall in Love via Missed Connection

You’ve got the best chance of falling in love based on a Missed Connection at the Morgan Avenue L train station, followed by Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street, according to a recent Craigslist study.

To rank the stops, the forumla used was “the number of Missed Connections ads mentioning a particular station divided by the annual ridership at that stop.”

Here are a few recent MC posts.