LLama Inn, a new Peruvian restaurant, opens tonight in Williamsburg


You can check out their menu here. We’re looking forward to their “stoner brunch.”

“For me, there’s a lot more to it than what people think it is,” Erik Ramirez says from behind the robataya grill in the open kitchen at Llama Inn, the Williamsburg Peruvian restaurant he is opening as executive chef on Wednesday. Kitted in a pair of Stan Smiths and a custom apron from Jones of Boerum Hill — a little electric pink “Llama Inn” stitched along the belt tie — the 34-year-old chef who’s bringing a taste of Peru to the Brooklyn neighborhood is talking about his mission to combine the food of his heritage with the borough he calls home. [Read more…]

Man found dead on Lorimer stop L train


From the Daily News:

Cops are investigating the death of a 67-year-old man found dead on a Manhattan-bound L train at the Lorimer St.-Metropolitan Ave. station early Wednesday. The homeless man, who was found sitting up on a subway car seat, was declared dead at the scene just before 2 a.m. His name was not immediately disclosed. [Read more…]

Renderings of that hotel coming to the Lorimer stop


Curbed discovered some renderings of the hotel that’s slotted for the huge, post-apocalyptic hole at the Lorimer stop:

It’s been well over a year since any news has come out of the giant hole in the ground on Metropolitan Avenue near the Lorimer stop on Union Avenue, but a little sleuthing has turned back a bunch of really good-looking, uber-hip, unseen renderings for a hotel and residential building that just may be coming to the long-dormant site at 500 Metropolitan Avenue.

And previously:

DOB filings for 500 Metropolitan Avenue show 234 “dwelling units,” and it seems that the division between hotel rooms and apartments will come at the eighth floor. On that story and above, there are 50 units and a recreation area, while below there are 188 units, including two duplexes, that must be hotel rooms unless Chetrit is treading onto micro-unit territory. [Read more…]

Williamsburg busker gets arrested even after NYPD officer reads law permitting the performance

musicThis weekend musician Andrew Kalleen was arrested by the NYPD for while performing at the Lorimer/Metropolitan subway stop. In the below video the NYPD officer is clearly heard reading the law that allows for this type of performance but that appears to [Read more…]

New bar alert: Rocka Rolla now open in Williamsburg


credit: Gothamist

Rocka Rolla, 486 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg

Rocka Rolla is the latest establishment from the people behind Skinny Dennis. We checked it out last night and its like Skinny Dennis for the classic rock and hair metal set, for those who prefer Van Halen to Merle Haggard. Unfortunately, it won’t have live music like its older brother. That said, it does have food — sausages and fries — which is a plus and an outdoor space with a view. Well, a view of the BQE that is. [Read more…]

L Train signs at Metropolitan/Lorimer accidentally switched

l switch

Look closely at the picture above. Notice anything…out of place? That’s the passage leading to the L train in the Metropolitan/Lorimer subway stop in Williamsburg. Most of us don’t need the signs telling us which train goes to Manhattan and which one barrels out into Canarsie.

Some people do need those signs, however, which is why it’s notable that they’re switched in the picture. The left passage actually leads to the Manhattan-bound track, and the right to Brooklyn. Who switched them? Unclear, but it caused some commuter consternation. According to the observant photographer, Astrid Anderson:

I took the train at 830 AM, but I think it was up until the late afternoon. I went to the actual Manhattan side and waited for the train. Everyone was looking extremely confused. When the train came on my side, a bunch of people on the other side started freaking out and tried to run back to the other side.
My friend took another photo around 4 PM & someone had simple stuck a post-it on one sign saying “this is wrong”.

Here’s Astrid’s friend’s photo with the post-it note:


The signs were fixed as of Tuesday evening.


Royal Oak Reincarnation, Over The Eight Opens This Weekend

After the short-lived stay of light and airy restaurant Bellwether, the vacancy at 594 Union Ave. is to yet again be filled by a drink swilling newcomer.

These walls are haunted by the sweaty dance parties of Williamsburg ‘yore and Over The Eight promises to tip its proverbial hat to what once made this space so successful — “readings, art shows, dance parties, and straight up-and-down good food and music.”

Here’s hoping Over The Eight can tap into the bygone spirit of Royal Oak — the way we all choose to remember it, and not its inevitably douche-filled end. And if Saturday night’s party is any indication, the OTE team is off to a promising start.

New Ramen Restaurant On The Lorimer Stop: Suzume

Suzume's Meno (c/o Gothamist)

45 Lorimer Street
cash only

Via Gothamist

When the weather gets this cold there are few things as lovely as a bowl of hot something, be it chili or ramen. And for those whose hearts skip a beat at the sound of slurping noodles, good news! Williamsburg’s newest restaurant, Suzume, is here to help.

A tiny 30-odd-seater right off the Lorimer G/L stop, Suzume (sparrow in Japanese) opened last week and is already filling up quick. The restaurant boasts a good pedigree; the owners also run Maggie Brown and The Emerson and include Momofuku vet Michael Briones.

The menu itself is tastefully basic with a few sustainable sushi options ($5 for a piece of sushi, $7.50 for three pieces of sashimi, rolls between $7-9), a couple of small plates (the $6 roasted potatoes with spicy mayo are lovely) and a handful of types of ramen priced between $10 and $13. And about that ramen! While the broths we tried weren’t as intense as you might find at say, Ippudo, they were incredibly tasty and perfect on a cold winter night (the salmon broth was just the right amount of fishy). And if you are a veggie or a pescetarian, don’t worry—there are ramens available for you too (though the vegetarian Charred Apple Noodle ramen is a cold one, our waitress warned).