Marty Markowitz Defends Your Right To Have Sunday Bloody Marys (War On Brunch)

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The New York Times has picked up on the War on Brunch taking place in our area, an epic battle between churchgoers and eggs benedict-eaters that has already claimed casualties, including Lokal and Five Leaves.

The article mostly covers what we know already, but offers up some choice quotes from borough president Marty Markowitz: “As many lifestyles as there are in the universe, we have them in Brooklyn and then some…You have the right to go to church and the right to sit outside people-watching and have bloody marys.”

But according to NYT, many locals involved in the church have no problem with brunch. “I like to see young people enjoying their Sundays and whatever they’re doing,” said one local pastor. Another said that “the integration has taken place very comfortably” between the neighborhood’s new school and old school communities.

A hearing on the issue will take place next month.

War On Brunch Continues: Lokal Gets Violation

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The War on Brunch continues this morning and the hipster brunch-goers have lost an important battle: Lokal, the perpetually crowded bistro at the intersection of Nassau, Bedford, and Lorimer, is facing a citation for breaking a rule that states that sidewalk cafés cannot operate before noon on Sundays.

Lokal’s owners will go in front of a judge on June 11th. Despite all of the neighborhood’s brunch places, Lokal is the only one to receive a citation so far.

Tom Burrows, the public safety general for the area’s Community Board 1 is the main voice behind the battle against early morning brunch spots. Burrows’ main concern is that outdoor eating crowds the sidewalks for Sunday churchgoers.