Captured live: Isadora at Glasslands

The guys in Isadora invited team blaqbook over to check out their set at Glasslands a few weeks ago. So I grabbed some good then met my boy Layton(Courtesy Tier Drummer) at the venue. A bunch of cool bands were on the bill. I caught ANML and Isadora then made my way back to my apartment.

By the time Isadora’s set started the place was packed and they definitely delivered. The crowd was definitely focused during their set. Isadora takes you high, then low, then trips you out a bit, and then rock back out. Never really a dull momment. They keep you on your feet and they’re impossible to predict. Great set guys.


Captured live: ANML at Glasslands

The guys of NYC based band Isadora invited me to Glasslands to catch their set. Before there set this dude ANML was playing. He was pretty cool. He would loop a bunch of instruments then pick a primary one to play while singing. With Glasslands lighting and effects this video came out really cool. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Capture Live: The Suzan live at Europa during Brain Cave Festival

Some bands are good at making good music. Some bands are good live. What separates the great bands from the “eehhhhhhh” bands is the ability to make believers everywhere you go. A perfect example of this are The Suzan. I’ve seen them a few times now and they consistently blow my mind.
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Captured live: Quiet Loudly at Europa

Quiet Loudly live at Europa on 4/13/2013 during Brain Cave Festival. Shot by Justin Little.


EULA Captured live at Brain Cave Festival

I’ve been trying to catch a good clip of the three piece EULA for quite some time now. The thing with metal/punk bands is the best shows are the small, low lit, sweaty, chaotic places. You know the types: basements, tucked away bars, DIY venues, etc. I’ve seen them 3 times prior to this show and all three times I’ve left ranting and raving about them.
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Captured live: Night Shining at Pianos

I stopped by Pianos the night before last to interview and catch Black Light Dinner Party’s set. After the interview I went to the stage area to catch Night Shining’s set. I’ve never heard of them before so I had no clue what to expect. I usually only film the band/bands that I initially came for. If I actually go through the effort to turn my camera on you know something dope must have went down. See for yourself. Enjoy!


Throw Vision live @ Big Buffalo Snow Lodge

Last week my buddy Layton called me up and ask if I wanted to go check Throw Vision out with him at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. I had seen them the week before and wanted to catch a clip of this track. It’s also like 3 blocks from my apartment so I decided to swing by. Throw Vision is hands down one of the slickest bands I’ve came across. Do me a favor. Isolate the sound of each instrument and focus on it. How sick is every single person in this band? Another thing that is interest is the lead guitarist Dan, traded places with Taja who usually plays the keys and bass.

If I didn’t mention it you would have no clue. Even when they alternate instruments I’m still amazed. Do yourself a favor after watching this clip and go to and listen to some of their new EP. Enjoy!


Captured live: Emily Rupp @ Bar Matchless

Next on the bill at blaqbook’s “Survival of the Fittest” showcase on 11/15/2012, was Emily Rupp. This little lady is a connoisseur of all things rad. You know, singer, actress, dance floor goddess, etc. OK enough praise. Lets get on with it.

I love everyone that performed so I’m just going to let you people decide what you think on your own. Enjoy!