Top 5 shows of the weekend


No reason for wanton circumlocution this week, we’re going to get right down to it. Have a great weekend, everyone, hopefully enhanced by the fine options below.

5) Bambara, Ritual Humor, One Prayer One Sin, Decorum at ALPHAVILLE
While Bambara have been bashing out distorted, Birthday Party-esque noise for half a decade, the band’s latest offering, Swarm, manages to retain their intensity whilst allowing the songs (and vocals) to shine through from whence they were previously buried. It’s not so much a case of taking a commercial turn, the record isn’t remotely poppy, more a confidence in the material that has been set free. Friday 8pm

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Breaking the First Two Rules of Rebel Bingo

Last night Gowanus welcomed London promoter James Flames and his entry into the neo-Bingo stakes, the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. Billing itself as “the most dangerous, most hardcore society in the known world” the URBC is conceived as part Fight Club, part Bingo club night, part ritual humiliation.

The first rule of the the URBC is that no one talks about the URBC. Attendees that have ostensibly bought tickets to a Young Persons’ Antique Fair are “advised to carry an antique at all times in case you are further interrogated.” To this end the streets outside Littlefield are a mixture of returned club members, curious onlookers and fake antique enthusiasts.

What happens next defies easy explanation. Yes there are antiques and there is Bingo but there are also Jerry Springer audience theatrics, crowd-surfing inflatable pools and full-body Panda suits. Audience members that enter with Antiques leave covered head-to-toe in improvised face-paint gleaned from Bingo markers, many no doubt awaking to the much ballyhooed ‘Bingover’.

Festivities begin tonight with the stirring theme of Antiques Roadshow. Host James Flames appraises a painting of a mustachioed Queen of England, introduced as his Granny, before inviting audience members to come forward with their own antiques. The formalities dispensed with in 5 minutes, Bingo begins.

Many arrive unsure what to expect from the URBC. Will it be a traditional seated roll call of ‘two fat ladies,’ ‘legs eleven,’ will there be an opportunity to win a meat platter for the little ones? [Read more…]

Ticket Giveaway: The Acorn at Littlefield

As the follow up to Glory Hope Mountian, a concept album focusing on the life of frontman Rolf Klausener’s mother, The Acorn‘s No Ghost equally echoes the intimate boom of folk and frenzy of romantic classic Southern rock roots. In this case, though, it’s the far North that has inspired this mix of acoustic and electric sounds that are able to hold up to a wide array of celebration– candlelit dinners, frolicking through the backwoods of the Québécois cottage the album was recorded in, or speeding below ground in large tin cans marked by numbers and letters.

With three upcoming shows in the NYC area, it would be ill-advised to miss these boys. Heck, I say make the trip to Hoboken if you have to. But since we have a soft spot for Takka Takka, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to The Acorn’s final night in town before they head back to dear ‘ole Canada.

For your chance to win tickets to see The Acorn with Takka Takka and Ola Podrida at Littlefield on Thurs. July 15th, just comment below… and please make sure you use your real email address, since that’s how we’ll be notifying you of your win. Also, we’re giving away a pair of tix to check out Beirut that very same night, so why not try your luck at both!?

No Ghost is currently available via digital release on Bella Union.