New GIRLS intern Malia Obama was on set in Williamsburg

photo via @PageSix

photo via @PageSix

According to the Daily Mail, Williamsburg’s newest intern is none other than Malia Obama:

Malia was spotted on the set of Girls on Thursday and reportedly has landed a summer internship with Lena Dunham’s critically-acclaimed HBO show, TMZ revealed.

The soon-to-be 17-year-old, whose birthday is on Saturday, was seen at the Aurora Ristorante in Brooklyn

Hey good for you Malia for somehow scoring that internship and good for Aurora for getting more press than they probably ever could have paid for. Let’s just hope Lena Dunham doesn’t bring the Secret Service into any of our favorite dive bars. See more pics at The Daily Mail.


“Too Many Lenas 3” brings millennial attitude to ANT Fest

Photo via Ars Nova

Photo via Ars Nova

While the real Lena Dunham was filming in Williamsburg, North Brooklynites prepare for “Too Many Lenas 3: Let Them Eat Cake” at Ars Nova’s ANT Fest.

The Carroll Simmons Performance Collective brings to the indie theatre festival a montage depicting a Brooklyn loft filled to the brim with Lena-esk 20 somethings. Before their rehearsal, I chatted with co-director and actor Jaime Wright and costume designer Stephanie Levin- both Bushwick residents.

Free Williamsburg: How did the concept for “Too Many Lenas” come about?
Jaime Wright: One of the girls in the cast put up a status that everyone compared her to Lena Dunham, and then David Bernstein, the director, put together the concept for the play with four girls, then one more was added, then it just became too many Lenas. The first installment was about how Lena’s icon came to be, then now it’s about a “death knell” for her career; how she hit the pinnacle and now is on the decline. [Read more…]

Girl bus tour may be coming to Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick


This is just what Brooklyn needs! More tourists. Ugh. They should just shuttle them off to Brooklyn Heights:

The circuit would focus on everything from Greenpoint’s coffee outpost Café Grumpy, where Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath once slung lattes, to a Bushwick warehouse where Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) accidentally smokes crack.

But don’t expect a glitzy romp through the West Village to Sex and the City staple Magnolia Bakery, or past the Condé Nast building where Carrie Bradshaw once penned articles for Vogue, on a “Girls” tour — much of the hit show takes place far away from the bright lights of the big city. [Read more…]

Lena Dunham posted her super-retro book cover for “Not That Kind of Girl”


Ms Dunham sent it out on Instagram yesterday and, well, we love it. Hopefully it will be better than the current season of Girls, which frankly is boring the hell out of us. (We’re enjoying the much funnier Broad City!) Random House will publish Not That Kind of Girl on October 7 and it better be good. They spent 3.5 million on the thing. You can almost buy a house in Greenpoint with that kind of advance.

Yes, Vogue did a Girls guide to Greenpoint

lena-dunham-vogue-cover-photoshop-ctrHere are some highlights:

Go to Ramona when “your college boyfriend announces he’s gay”

Café Grumpy is “where you can peck away at your literary masterpiece on your MacBook Pro while hoping to meet a hot divorced doctor with a brownstone.”

Peter Pan donuts “when you realize you’ve married a jerk or to eat on a mind-numbingly long road trip”

Paulie Gees when “you have divorce-settlement money to burn” [Read more…]

SNL did a funny Girls spoof

Hustler Made A XXX Porn Parody Of Girls: “This Ain’t Girls XXX”

girls-xxxVia Xbiz

In the XXX parody, Hannah (Alex Chance) decides to forsake men, and boyfriend Adam, to experiment with lesbianism. After a few satisfying jaunts she returns to Adam — and mankind.

Adam accepts her back into the fold, but, true to the original show, adds a dominant and quirky dimension to the scene.

“[Adam’s] like, ‘OK, then crawl to my fucking bed,” Calhoun said, explaining how the action begins.

The ensuing sex involves mild BDSM with a sprinkling of strange: In addition to dirty talk and rough sex, Adam uses a candy ballgag attached to a stretchy cord to direct Hannah’s face towards him.

The parody also features Kris Slater and Adriana Chechik in supporting roles.

According to Calhoun, Canterbury captures the tone and voice of the show, and Hannah in particular, calling it “provocative” and “very well written.”

He also mentioned that, due to the show’s frequent sexual themes, “They didn’t have to do much” but roll with the original script and extend the intercourse scenes.

Lena Dunham May Be Moving To South Williamsburg



The sitcom writer, director and star looked at a $4.45 million apartment in South Williamsburg’s luxurious Gretsch Building this weekend, the Daily News reported. The “full-floor penthouse” includes a “1900-square-foot wrap-around terrace,” three bedrooms and even “electric drapery controls,” realty company Douglas Elliman notes on its website about the space.

“This is one of the best apartments in the entire borough,” a source who saw Dunham told the Daily News. “It’s a lot of apartment for a single girl. She could have some serious parties.”
Dunham currently lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights, the Daily News noted.