Panorama 2016 Festival Review


The folks at Goldenvoice, the company most famous for promoting Coachella, were probably looking forward to a reprieve from the three digit temperatures their flagship festival often endures in the Southern California desert when they were organizing their New York City festival, some months ago. Instead, they, and festival-goers like myself, would have to persevere through three days of record-setting highs on Randall’s Island this past weekend; the shiny paragon of LCD Soundsystem’s big New York reunion show looming over us all. [Read more…]

Ten acts we’ll be checking out at Panorama


The inaugural Coachella East, better known as Panorama starts tomorrow on Randall’s Island. The folks at Goldenvoice have done an admirable job putting together a solid festival lineup, mostly consisting of big tent indie, electro and hip-hop. Here’s the ten acts we’ll most definitely be checking out this weekend.

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James Murphy is opening a wine bar in the former Foodswings space

Photo Credit Alex Welsh for The New York Times

Photo Credit Alex Welsh for The New York Times

Next month former LCD Soundsystem front man will open a wine bar at 295 Grand Street in Williamsburg [Read more…]

Try to find yourself in the LCD Soundsystem trailer

It’s like the 2012 Where’s Waldo calendar where young, hip New Yorkers try to find themselves in the crowd in this trailer for LCD Soundsystem’s Shut Up and Play The Hits documentary about the band’s end. I wasn’t there, so instead of looking for myself and friends, I am just looking at James Murphy’s cute dog. So there’s something for everyone.

LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends,” LEGO Version

And the original…
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Who had the better MSG show?

I’m pretty sure it means something that the two huge-ass shows that took place this weekend were indie bands playing at Madison Square Goddamn Garden. So who do you think had the more “we’re rock stars and y’all know it” show?

The Strokes featuring Elvis Costello?

Or LCD Soundsystem?

The answer to this is probably clear, but looking at these two side by side really shows how far “indie” music has come in the past 10-ish years, right?

LCD Muppetsystem

Everyone is talking about LCD Soundsystem lately. You know, the whole selling out Madison Square Garden and taking on scalpers selling tickets for thousands of dollars. Then there’s the more recent announcement of additional Terminal 5 shows being added.

So what do people love as much as they love LCD Soundsystem? MUPPETS! With the previous “New York I Love You” video being so amazing, it makes sense that there are more Muppet/James Murphy mashups. Everyone in this video for “Dance Yrself Clean” is just so happy, and it is contagious.