Governors Ball 2015 Lineup, now with day schedules

gov ball by day

UPDATE 2/17/2015

The by-day lineup has been released, which you can see above. Drake will headline Friday (and Florence + the Machine, who are playing their first NYC show since 2012!), Deadmau5 (and Bjork!) Saturday, and The Black Keys and Lana Del Ray on Sunday.

Single day tickets will be on sale this Friday, the 20th at 12pm EST HERE. There IS a limited Citibank pre-sale TODAY at 12pm EST, so if you have a Citibank credit or debit card, use the first 6 digits of it to unlock a special promo code right HERE. One day tickets are $105.

UPDATE 1/19/2015

Do you have questions about Governors Ball, the lineup or how this party is going down this year? Participate in the Reddit AMA, 2-hour Q&A this Thursday at noon EST to learn more.

Governors Ball is also offer discounted hotels for out of town festival goers. Do you have friends coming in to soak up the sights and sounds but 0 couch space? You can send them HERE for sweet deals on nearby hotels.

Also, Governors Ball says that tickets are expected to sell out sooner than last year with Payment Plans already nearly tapped out. Get your GA Tickets and Payment Plan tickets now, before it’s too late.

Original Post 1/7/2015

And the good news from festival land keeps coming. The folks at Founders dropped the lineup for New York’s own Governor’s Ball this morning, hot on the tails of Coachella’s announcement. I fucking love this season.

Top billed acts include The Black Keys (a fine foil to Coachella’s Jack White – plus we had him last year), Drake (also appearing at Coachella) and Icelandic lady legend Bjork. The lineup here includes a hefty helping of EDM as well with Deadmau5, Odesza, Big Gigantic, Flying Lotus, Big Gigantic and Chromeo all making the list.

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Hook N Sling releases “Momentum” & Will Play Lavo 11/20


Badass DJ/Producer and one of my favorite Aussies, Hook N Sling, is coming out guns blazing once again with his newest single Momentum, which is hot hot hot hot OW HOT (burned me). He just announced that he will be playing in NYC next Thursday at LAVO nightclub in Manhattan (Get tickets HERE). This will be his first time back since his incredible Friday afternoon Electric Zoo performance, after which we chatted about plans for his new singles and how over his time gigging he’s seen “quite a bit of nudity”. You can read the interview HERE. He’s adorable.

Having collaborated with huge acts like Nervo and remixed singles like Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence and Empire of the Sun’s Celebrate, Hook N SLing is in no way new to the party. It’s no wonder that Momentum hit #1 on the ADE Buzz Charts. This new electro house banger has a driving force that will undoubtedly make it a huge hit in the clubs this winter. Plus damn, those are some impressive drops! You don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself below:

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Hook N Sling Releases Ultraviolence Remix


You may remember when I interviewed Australian DJ and Producer Hook N Sling at this year’s Electric Zoo festival. Well he’s straight killin’ it right now with the official video for that remix of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence that he dished about. The song has already accumulated more than a million combined listens/views on Soundcloud and YouTube, so it’s not like he really needs to your help, but like, I NEED you to listen to it. So just do it. Crank this shit and pump your rump on hump day! Can you guys tell I’m loopy?

ANYWAY . . . give those ears some candy. Mmmm, candy.



Last weekend I sat down with Australian DJ and Producer Hook N Sling, whose newest remix of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is blowing up in clubs across the country. After rescuing me in a golf cart after his Friday afternoon set, we had a few minutes to talk about why he loves people watching at concerts and why he feels like an Australian Shepard at music festivals.

Megan: So I’ve got Hook N Sling here with me, a DJ and Producer from Sydney, who’s blowing up and getting big here in the states.

Hook N Sling: Wait, is this an audio interview?

M: No, I don’t know why I introduced it like that. (Laughs) That was weird.

HnS: (Laughs) Yeah, from Sydney, and I’ve since moved to LA.

M: 2012, right?

HnS: Yeah, that’s right.

M: So what spurred your move?

HnS: You know, actually I did Electric Zoo and I played with Nervo, we did a little back to back near the end of their set in 2012, and that was when I had just moved here. So that was kind of around the time I did that. The move happened because I suppose I was getting itchy feet in Australia. Everything was great but I wanted to just see what I could do over here and start at a different level over here and see where that took me. And to be honest, I came over to the states and I struggled to get the same quality gigs I was getting in Australia. I had to work hard and establish a name for myself, but it was good.

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New Lana Del Rey video: “Brooklyn Baby”


Okay okay, she doesn’t need the press. But we took the bait since this one is called “Brooklyn Baby.” Check it out below. Lana’s latest Ultraviolence is out June 17. [Read more…]

Lana Del Rey released a short film: Tropico (NSFW)


From Stereogum:

Lana Del Rey’s new 27-minute short film Tropico works, more or less, as a glossy but bugged-out extended-length music video, a pretentious but sensationalistic dive into her center-free aesthetic. As directed by music-video veteran fantasist Anthony Mandler, LDR and male model Shaun Ross appear in a few very loosely connected vignettes. In the “Body Electric” segment, they’re in a dreamy Garden Of Eden amidst various icons: Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Jesus. The “Gods & Monsters” part takes place in a fever-dream vision of an L.A. gang-world. And for “Bel Air,” they dance through some idealized vision of the American countryside. The whole time, there’s a lot of zoned-out voice-over, including a bit where LDR recites the famous opening of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl over a strippers-and-guns montage. Be advised that the whole thing is mildly NSFW for stripper-related reasons. Watch the early leaked version of it below; it drops officially later this morning.

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Lana Del Rey As Streetwalker In New Video

Lana Del Rey has been a video vixen since day one.  Most of us saw “Video Games” before we heard it, and that video’s DIY/found footage aesthetic didn’t take long to go viral. Since then, Lana’s video releases have been events, with “official audio” versions and promo pictures leaked days or weeks in advance. The videos have gotten longer and their characters more complex; this past summer we saw Lana as Jackie O., a suicidal lesbian, and a David Lynchian chanteuse singing “Blue Velvet” in an extended ad for H&M.

Excluding “Blue Velvet,” “Ride” is the first single off of the extended cut of her album and its video went on YouTube yesterday. LDR plays a singer/streetwalker living carefree on Kerouac’s open road. She swings like a pendulum on a tire swing in desert, as if suspended from the sky. She rides on the backs of motorcycles, shoots off fireworks while wearing a Native American headdress, and gets physical with older men on pinball machines and outside motels. Her hair is curly, but she’s still our Lana, fringed denim jacket and all. She’s in character, but a theater marquee lists her as Lana Del Rey, perpetuating and perhaps mocking criticism that she’s fake and always in character.

The “Ride” video is over ten minutes long and the actual song doesn’t start until three minutes and thirty seconds in. Lana provides voice over narration, which she wrote, at the beginning and end. “I was in the winter of my life, and the men I met along the road were my only summer,” she begins. Later: “I was born to be the other woman. Who belonged to no one. Who belonged to everyone.” The sentiment is powerful at times, trite at others. Anthony Mandler directed, as he did Lana’s “National Anthem.”

Unlike Lana’s previous songs, the Rick Rubin-produced “Ride” is less “ghetto Nancy Sinatra” (Lana’s words, not mine) and more  “Sam’s Town”-era The Killers (who director Mandler has also worked with). Lana’s look is more Americana and less flash.

Lana still has tricks up her sleeve, and for now at least, we’re still along for the ride.

Watch the video below.

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Lana Del Rey Sings “My Pussy Tastes Like Pepsi-Cola” (10 HOUR VERSION)