Hilarious fake book covers on the L train: Part 2

kazComedian Scott Rogowsky is back with more fake book covers to shock and [Read more…]

At least there’s one bright side to the impending L train shutdown…

credit: gtrain.nyc

credit: gtrain.nyc

The MTA is finally going to improve service on the G. Given the inevitable surge in ridership it will face when the L gets shut down, we’re going to need the improvements:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority honchos will finally give the G train the attention straphangers have been demanding for years when they stop L train service to Manhattan for repairs in 2019. The agency will shower the green-eyed bullet with longer trains that come more frequently and free above-ground transfers during the upheaval, officials announced last week, and transit activists are riding high on the news.
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Here are the two L train shutdown options the MTA is proposing today

Today at the MTA’s town hall in Williamsburg they will lay out two options for the forthcoming L train shutdown in 2019 according [Read more…]

The MTA is hosting an L train town hall tomorrow in Williamsburg

ltrainAccording to New York State Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, there will be a town hall tomorrow hosted by the MTA to discuss the impending L train shut down. There will also [Read more…]

The MTA plans to wait to shut down the L train until 2019

canarsieThe impending L train tunnel repairs/mass exodus of Williamsburg won’t happen for three more years according to documents released by [Read more…]

The MTA plans to reveal more info about proposed L train shut down in May


While officials have previously stated that the impending L train tunnel repairs/apocalypse won’t start until at least 2018, not much else is known about their plans. The MTA says they will meet with residents in a few weeks according to DNA info:

“We are working with the MTA to secure a location for the first town hall in Brooklyn,” said state Assemblyman Joseph Lentol. “We are hopeful that the town hall will take place in the first week of May.”

The public meeting is expected to be held in the evening so as many concerned commuters and business owners can attend as possible, staffers involved in its planning said.

“They intend to make recommendations to the community and ask for community feedback,” Lentol said.


Video: Hilarious fake book covers on the L train

fakecoversIf you’ve seen a guy reading a hilariously over the top book on the subway recently it was probably comedian Scott Rogowsky. Scott took to the L train with made up book covers such as How To Hold A Fart In, How To Score An Asian Girlfriend On The L Train, Gone Girl 2: Even Goner, and [Read more…]

East River Ferry system to expand, and get cheaper, in 2017


This is very good news, especially with the MTA is threatening to shutdown the L Train.

The expanded ferry system will be integrated with the currently-existing East River Ferry, which services Manhattan and the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront between Dumbo and Long Island City. In 2017, boats will service seafaring commuters in Far Rockaway, South Brooklyn, and Astoria, and by 2018, the system will expand to the Upper East Side, Soundview, and the Lower East Side. [Read more…]