Did this cute duck slow down your L Train commute this AM?

Officers captured and released “Presh” the duck, as Gothamist reports, after it hopped onto the L train tracks this morning. He was rescued from the tracks on the Jefferson L train stop without incident. He did not resist arrest and has since been released to Highland Park: [Read more…]

Video: The NYC version of ‘La La Land’

A parody video of the overly Oscar nominated La La Land came out today thanks [Read more…]

The MTA increases L train tunnel cost estimates by $16 million

The MTA is three months behind on hiring a contractor to repair the Canarsie Tunnel and has increased the project cost estimate $16 million to a [Read more…]

Hilarious book covers on the L train – Unpresidented Edition

bookcoversComedian Scott Rogowsky is back with his latest edition of [Read more…]

Brooklyn’s youngest shrink offers advice at the Bedford Ave L train platform

Photo via Helayne Seidman/NY Post

Photo via Helayne Seidman/NY Post

On Sundays from 12-2pm, 11-year-old Ciro Ortiz can be found offering “emotional advice” for a $2 charge on the Bedford Ave L train platform. The [Read more…]

Post your election anxieties at the 14th Street stop on the L

Because we KNOW you need to vent:

Hundreds left pastel-colored Post-it notes on the wall of a New York City subway stop on Wednesday, hours after Donald Trump was elected president.

Artist Levee started the project, known as “Subway Therapy,” years before Tuesday’s election, and has held sessions all over town. While he’s not a licensed therapist, Levee’s goal is to make people smile, laugh and feel less stressed. [Read more…]

L train service went down this morning after a train filled with smoke

Photo via @hectah on Twitter

Photo via @hectah on Twitter

The L train went down just in time for the morning rush cutting off service between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Riders are reporting a train filled with smoke near the 1st avenue stop, but smoke can also be seen all the way to [Read more…]

The L train shutdown could reduce Williamsburg rents by hundreds of dollars

ltrainNate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight has a new study based on thousands of rental prices that determined people are willing to to pay about $56 per one minute of a better work commute time. It includes a section specifically about the forthcoming L train shutdown:

Our findings suggest that residents of Williamsburg and other Brooklyn neighborhoods on the L train could soon be paying less in rent. That’s because the MTA plans to close the L train for repairs starting in 2019, adding about eight minutes to commutes from the Bedford Ave. station and about four minutes from other stations along the L. The shutdown should shave about $200 to $450 off the rent of the typical Williamsburg one-bedroom — until the repair work is done, anyway.

Check out the rest of the study here.