Top 5 shows of the weekend


So glad we got to spring forward into this glorious weather we’ve been having. If you want to avoid all the St Patrick’s Day nonsense (why people think this is any better than Santacon I don’t know…), here are a few chances to avoid people pretending to be Irish, leprachauns, or generally broing out.

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Assemble X at Knockdown Center

The tenth installment of Pat Noecker’s drone project ASSEMBLE was performed at Knockdown Center in Maspeth, Queens last Saturday. This is a complete recording of the early show. Alexandra Drewchin JR., Bonnie Baxter, James Corrigan, Jeanann Dara, David First, Kate Henderson, Laura Ortman, Michael Durek, Camilla Ha, Daniel Schlett, Sto Len, Ted McGrath, Jason Poranski, Sadaf H. and Adam Holquist simultaneously played the notes of A and E, while RAFT orchestrated musical changes and pauses to them by text message. ASSEMBLE collaborator and video artist Matthew Caron, with Peter Shapiro, Eric Drasin, Reid Bingham, Sofy Yuditskaya and Matt Romain of Fast Food Music Video handled the kaleidoscopic visuals throughout the night.